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About me: I have been playing video games most of my adult life, which is a long time as I am old. I started with a Commodore 64 and a Sega console. I currently own and abuse a Xbox 360, PS2, and PSP. I play a few PC games as well (much thanks to Steam). I have been playing Mass Effect 1 & 2, and Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx on the 360, and Personas 3 & 4 on my PS2, and Metal Slug XX on my PSP just to keep it from getting dusty. I am looking forward to the new Prince of Persia which I hope is an apology to those of us who thought the last game was really pretty and crap at the same time. I also am looking forward to Splinter Cell: Conviction. On the PC, I am playing Torchlight here and there, and speed Starcraft as someone has to keep those Koreans in check. Additionally, I play Left4Dead and Left4Dead2 'cuz I like killing zombies 'n shit. I'm not entirely new to Destructoid as I have been an avid reader for a couple of years. I had a login before this one but I was lazy and made this one instead of retrieving the other. And that's me.