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I've been helping my journalist mother with her side job for nearly a decade now - Reviewing video games. Since we got our first video game system in '93- a 16 bit Sega Genesis so that she could play Pac-Man, she has fed my addiction for games without spending over 100 dollars in over 14 years. Our first purchase since Armored Core 2(our only video game purchase ever) was our X-box 360 in the summer of 06. In all the years between have been the endless fighting between my brother and I after a MP game gone bad, a graveyard of crying, broken controllers, and unfinished homework assignments.

Jehutus likes candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, Star Wars, and personally finds the most important quality of video games to be the story. He's rated every video game since Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck for the N64 and continues to assist his mother in her work from college at Washington and Jefferson College, PA. Expert or no expert, you still have to be patient when your mother calls asking where the R3 button is and how to get out of 'spidey sense'.