Hi. I'm JC. Just those two characters, I don't have a meaning behind it since '03, I just made up a way to extend the character count because many sites and games won't accept 2 character alias.

I've been gaming since late 80s or early 90s, I really don't remember. I started on the NES as a kid and had trouble crossing the gap in SMB until I figured out how to run and jump. Problem solving through trial and error in many NES games just led me to figure things out and feel that I have a knack to play many games decently if not above average.

I've owned NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, PS1, N64, DC, PS2, GCN as my console systems and had plenty to play and enjoy over the years. My first venture on PC was an MMO called Ragnarok Online that I beta tested to replace PSO as my new addiction since DC support died shortly after PSO launched.

I never gamed on PC besides a few games here and there, and I was afraid of M+KB controls. I continued on consoles until the death of the PS2. I did own a Wii, but I never did much with it besides Monhan and even that was disappointing overall. It just wasn't a good monhan compared to Portable or frontier to me.

I built my first rig in '08 and it is still kicking strong with just 2 upgrades, and that's currently where I game the most. I don't favor consoles right now, and prefer the handhelds for the RPG genre that I love. I've yet to get a 3DS though... I still love my PSP and DS the most. My Vita gets most of the love out of my handhelds at this time.

I'd love to try blogging, but it isn't something I'm good at keeping time with. I also tried something similar on 1up back in 03 iirc, and people were pretty angry at me for my opinion or for not keeping up with news. That may change but I don't know. I'm not eloquent with my words and can be bad at getting my point across. Nice to meet you though.

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