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360 owner. Just waiting for GT5 to get a ps3.

Racing game FANATIC. Give me sim baby. Forza, GT4, Tourist Trophy, MotoGP 06, or Test Drive and PGR3 for fun. Dying for Forza 2, GTR, DiRT, PGR4, and MotoGP 07 (Go Stoner). Hopefully the customization will be better than 06- my Ducati homage to the 07 team.

Also enjoy playing co-op in Tom Clancy shooters. Pew Pew indeed.

Huge martial arts fan too. Practice in real life, and love to fight in videogame form. K1 Grand Prix (damn why won't we get a next gen version?), VF4, Fight Night. Come on VF5!

Digging Alien Hominid and Double Dragon. Waiting for Yie Ar Kung Fu to hit XBLA.

Long live Penny Arcade and the Fruit Fucker 2000!