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I've experienced many consoles in various ways, ever since the Commodore 64, just shy of 6 years old.

I live in England, so always get the best games last, the worst games first, and hardly any of the goodies.
Staying with Nintendo and their Wii for annual moments of greatness (like a battered wife, as Destructoid said).
As least i'm not in Australia.

PC is on a break, due to becoming more and more outdated. The playthrough of Bioshock is also in stasis: It wants me to kill Big Daddies. You know, those things harder than Chuck Norris in the freezer?

Macbook cannot run the newest games, but various emulators and virtual machines are bringing me ways to play. Fortunately, in a strange way, my PS2 and its memory card got stolen last year, but not the games - The replacement console from the insurance company has lead to my PS2 Renaissance!
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