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JJMccallum 's blog
My name is James, Surnames in the user, ye imagination sucks but it's mine. Male, 18, Scottish, possibly suffer from lack of common sense.

Lurker thy name is me, got into gaming through the original playstation and first MGS and never looked back. Generally play RPG games but dabble in the rest too, usually i'm the noob running around causing the enemy to get distracted while you sneak up behind them and make new holes where holes should not exist.

Love this site because it's just different from most of the others that take themselves way too seriously but doesn't go completely over the top and try too hard to be the outsider. Anything else you wanna know feel free to add me in whatever way shape or form you feel like if you can't then ask me.

I stick to the forums, but you'll find me around somehow, feel free to ask me questions, just be aware my level of comprehension sways greatly due to how much blood is in my alcoholstream.

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