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I'm a Colombian born misanthrope with a perchance for gaming. I got into gaming fairly early on into my life and it strangely stuck with me despite being raised in pretty much the most anti-gaming environment upon the face of the planet.

Currently, I'm living in Louisville, KY... which makes it yet another one of the most anti-gaming places on Earth O_o Wherever I go, a gaming community seems to be absent from it. So with more than a little luck I've landed here in Destructoid. I love games in most every single shape and form. I love writing about them, analyzing them, playing them and just immersing myself in the culture as much as possible. I hope to find like-minded individuals here and to offer what little insight I might have on gaming given my experiences with the medium.

I'd also like to start a gaming community here around where I live... or if given the chance, moving to another place to where I can truly feel a little more welcome :p So if any of you need roommates or a squatter, I'm your guy! :D