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Grasshopper7 's blog
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Hi, I'm Mike and I from the UK. I've been gaming forever and so far I've owned: GameBoy, GBA, Sega Mega Drive, N64, Gamecube, XBox 360. The N64 holds a particularly special place in my heart, I freaking love that console, and is directly responsible for some of my happiest gaming memories.
I'm 22 right now and am in that wierd limbo stage of life which I'm sure (I hope) most people go through when school is over but your "career" hasn't started, and I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I'm kicking around the idea of writing so I'm gonna be one of those internet eccentrics who write complete sentences and use punctuation.
I'm your fairly typical Geek: Games, anime, comics, so I feel right at home here.
I love RPGs perhaps more than any other genre, but it largely depends on the game. (Have recently dicovered Mass Effect which is great).
So anyway, in summation, Hi Destructoid. Damn nice to meet you.
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