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PSN: Ganjookie
WII: 1733 7053 3787 2317

Currently Playing: A mix of Dragon Age, Demon's Soul, Valkyria Chronicles and Street Fighter @ home, and at work some Dissidia and FF Tactics @ work.

I'm a fan of:

Nintendo and Sony
I've got a C64, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, DS, PSX, PS2, PS3, PSP and a Wii. I keep all my games and wont trade them in :D Although the C64 and NES are lost to the ravages of time and moving.

I dig most JRPGs and a few Western ones as well
o Any Final Fantasy (Mystic Quest included)
o I played a lot of the Gold box RPGs from TSR as well as the old Bethesda TES Games
Fighting Games in General are bad ass
o Any Street Fighter or Capcom vs games are winners IMO
Some FPS games. I was a big fan of the original Quake, Half-Life (not counter strike though odd enough. I played a lot of Battlefield 1942(BC2 now) and looking forward to 1943. Dont like the Haylos
MMORPGs I played the shit out of most SOE MMOs games. In fact I worked in SOE technical support (TSR- TrevorG on the official forums) for about a year, than we parted ways. $10/hour OUCH

(FYI I can't stand WoW. Yes I played it, got to 25 on 4 classes, and just didn't like the overall mechanics and playerbase/community.)

Strategy Games Give me some classic X-Com or something akin it.

Music wise Im into metal, rock, punk, some hip-hop (not rap, there is a difference), jazz, classical and soundtracks to movies and games.

I spent some time working at SOE in 2008 as a customer service/technical support on the forums as TSR TrevorG. While I probably wouldn't go back, there are some great guys and ladies working there. I even play a weekly D&D game with them still on Sundays.