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A gamer since the days of the Atari 2600, Gabriel Silverwolf has been through hell and back. In the console wars, he started in the Nintendo camp during the 8-bit era, only to shift allegiance and join the Sega forces during the 16-bit era.

After these two grueling console wars, he sought the quiet haven of the PC for years, only abandoning it during the final years of the 32-bit era to embrace the Playstation way, then briefly flirting with the doomed Dreamcast. From then, he hung on to Sony's banner during the glorious PS2 days and the not-so glorious early PS3 days.

Today, he is older and wiser. He loves his games; his Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, PSP and DS Lite sit in his room; the survivors of the long and arduous journey of gaming. The PC is still a friend, and he uses it occasionally to get a taste of forbidden fruit on the 360, though he has so far resisted the lure of MMORPGs.

Gabriel enjoys the company of books and comics. Tolkien, King, Gaiman and Martin rule the bookshelf alongside a myriad of classical masterpiece from Tolstoy to Salinger. His comics are mostly from the Marvel stable, with emphasis on books that have an "X" in the title, though an undying love for the Caped Crusader and John Constantine keep the DC logo around.

So... where do we go from here? The net is vast and limitless. See ya around, Space Cowboy.