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Whats up Destructoid?
My name is Sean McLoughlin and I've been sent from the futurepast to march with my fellow robots to victory. For Niero!

My favorite games can be numerous (as I'm sure is true of most here at Dtoid), but my all time favorites are Final Fantasy VI, Diablo II, Bioshock, Braid, Demon's Souls and Metal Gear Solid. I never rent games and I rarely trade in or sell the games I buy so I have a pretty massive game collection. For the sake of space I'll just list the consoles and portables that I own: NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Advance, Playstation, N64, Playstation 2 (one original which is broken and a Slim), Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, PSP 2000, Xbox 360 (red-ringed once), a fully backwards compatible Playstation 3 and a Wii.

I'm a video game designer and an RPI graduate with a degree in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences. When I'm not working with my development group Darkroom Games or gaming you can probably find me reading a science fiction/fantasy novel or something on Cracked.com. My favorite authors are George RR Martin, Terry Brooks, Garth Nix and Terry Goodkind. I'm also a big fan of movies, my favorites right now are The Departed, Smoking Aces and Crank, although my all time favorite movie/director is Reservoir Dogs/Tarantino. I don't watch much TV and if I do its usually Discovery channel or Science Channel. I love Professional Wrestling, Y2J SAVE US! My favorite band is obviously The Grateful Dead although my musical tastes are quite varied. I listen to everything from T.I. to Metallica to Toby Keith. Also, MC Chris FTMFW!

Bored? Why not try one of the games I've made:
Floyd's Tomb
Season of Thorns

Law of Thermal Dynamics interviewed me, check it out!

Other places you can find me on the interwebz:

Email: SeanMcLoughlin8@yahoo.com
AIM: DaedHead8
Gamer Limit
Giant Bomb
360 Voice
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