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Amna Umen was born on the luscious planet known as Earth. Born in the latter parts of the 9th decade of the 20th century (the 80's in case there is any confusion). Amna's first console was an NES which he almost beat Super Mario Bros. 3 on...until his mother accidentally dropped a box on it making it reset. 17 lives were lost that day. Fast forward to his first new console, a Nintendo 64 where he beat his first game "Star Fox 64." But the good times were not to last, soon Super Smash Brothers would be released and he would fall into a deep dark addiction that would last 10 long years. His addiction would lead him to buy a Gamecube alongside his PS2 just to simply play Melee and Star Fox Assault, much disappointment lie in Star Fox Assault.

In the depths of his addiction his PS2 was a shining beacon of hope for a free life one day. But it was also not without it's vices, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and XI, and Xenosaga all grasped their fingers around the young gamer and dragged him down into the depths of JRPG hell.

LO did he receive a gift from the gods at Playstation Underground one day in the form of a demo for Shadow of The Colossus. Countless times he replayed the demo, wishing each time that the demo would be the whole game. His eyes were finally opened to the true potential of gaming as an art. Going from friend to friend he proclaimed the majesty and beauty of the game and even though his demo disc was lost in his tribulations, his will was not broken. Speeding at over 20 MPH over the speed limit he rushed to his local game store on the day the game was released, and he did play the game, and his life was changed forever. No longer could he play the generic JRPG or cookie-cutter shooter without wishing for more from them.

In the modern age he has turned into a frugal gamer, no longer able to play games for as long as he used to when he was in high school, he picks his games carefully. He can be found reading up on the history of the Fallout universe or speculating about the downfall of Rapture.

And he has retired from Super Smash Bros., seriously fuck that series. Eat a dick Sakurai.
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