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Site Badges? Trophies? What the?

Yep! We're currently working on destructoid site trophies. Look for this feature to be completed by summer. We'd like to see our most loyal readers recognized, so we've started laying down the pipes for this feature across Japanator, Tomopop, Flixist, and Destructoid alike. Work in progress.

Please note that NONE of these badges will appear on your cblog profile until our forums and blogs are in sync (ETA: summer).

Destructoid - "Official" badges

- Celebrated Dtoid's 7th anniversary by showing your love
- The front page badge. You get this by getting a Cblog promoted to the front page.
- Got on the front page 5 or more times
- Start a Thread of the Day as featured on the Daily Hotness
- Got Thread of the Day 10 or more times
- Start a thread that reaches over 1000 pages
- Have appeared in the Destructoid Comic. Mikey decides who qualifies for this.
- Win a Dtoid Contest
- Have a question asked on one of the official shows or podcasts
- Create something inspired by the site, the community, or video games that is impressive enough to be linked to or featured on a front page article
- Have been credited at least 5 times for tips on a front page article (Dtoid, Japanator, or Tomopop)
- Be on the staff roll for Destructoid
- Be listed as a contributor on the Dtoid staff roll
- Be a former Destructoid staff member
- Be on Tomopops staff roll
- Be on Japanators staff roll
- Be admin on the Dtoid Forums
- Be a moderator on the Dtoid Forums
- Be a Disqus Deputy


- Host 3 Friday Night Fight sessions
- Be a member of the Cblog Recaps team
- For you, the day you organized or won an Unofficial Destructoid Tournament was the most important day of your life. But for him... it was Tuesday
- Finished 25 games in one calendar year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st) and posted in the Completed Games Thread
- Participate in a DToid Community Discusses or one of PhilKenSebben's Community Chats
- Be featured on Commentoid / Comment of the Week
- Participate in a MassDebate
- Be the subject of a C-Blog Interview
- Trade some games in the Trade Yo Games! forum
- Perform a random act of kindness for another Dtoider (AKA the Ali D badge)
- Awarded to members whose contributions to the site and community are worthy of song and praise
- Assume the identity of Mr. Destructoid!
- Hosted a game of Werewolf (or a variant)

Events - Obtain proof that you've actually left your parents' basement

- Hosted a NARP
- Go to PAX Prime
- Go to PAX East
- Go to Gamescom
- Go to MAGFest
- Post a pic of you and another Dtoider engaging in an epic Brofist
- Drive a whole bunch of people around at a major Dtoid Event

Shows & Podcasts - Jam me jack me push me pull me TALK HARD!

- Be in an episode of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing
- Be on Podtoid twice
- Be on Bit Transmission twice
- Be on BritToid twice
- Be on Zero Cool
- Be on 321gocast
- Be on Podsumaki
- Be on Robochode
- Be on TARDIScast
- Be on Airport Road: The Podcast
- Be on Alcoholocast
- Be on Personacast
- Be on Also, Talks
- Be on Secret Moon Base
- Be on Communicast

Miscellaneous - Badges that defy categorization, except in this case

- Show us your Double Down! (KFC's doesn't count)
- Create a real game. Not just remaking TicTacToe or something
- Be old (35+)
- Been a big help to people with technical problems
- Given sage fitness advice in The Gym
- Grow an awesome beard

Retired Badges - You had to be here!

- Been an active member of the community during the 3rd year anniversary (3-16-09). You must have posted somewhere on the site (cblog/forums/comments) on that date
- Waxed nostalgic in honor of Destructoid's 4th Anniversary
- Participated in the Destructoid 5th Anniversary circle jerk
- Gotten all creative wishing Niero a happy birthday
- Be featured on Art Attack
- Have been on the Podcastle twice
- Be on RetroforceGO! twice
- Be on Failcast
- Be on the Backward Compatibility Podcast
- Be on Refused Classification podcast
- Be on Drunkcast
- Be on Let's Hope There's a Heaven
- Heil Grammar!
- Beedog will let you know
- Be a member of the AAA squad (Atheistium's Angels of Adventure)
- Be the MOMerator. Happy Mother's Day Zodiac!


Never going to happen. Sorry Hatman!
Suggest cool ideas for site badges in our feedback forum.

Questions? Contact us anytime at

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