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Exploring Destructoid

If this is your first time on Dtoid, we recommend you read our completely insane guide to everything which explains what it is we do and offer. This document just explains how to use the site like you own the place.

Need other kinds of help using the site? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Find what you want

Original Editorial and Videos

The Originals Section is where you'll find stories you won't see anywhere else on the web. We also record video originals, which you can find alongside trailers in our Videos Section.

Other Popular Hubs

In addition to specific news about specific games, we also cover beats including industry gossip, videogame music, awards, culture, weird news, and more. Hovering over our logo expands this menu.

Browse our Games List

Click on the games tab to pull up our list of games. Destructoid has written about tens of thousands of games -- mostly the good, notable, and weird ones! Drill down by console, name, sort columns by review score, and hide the details. You can also browse news by genre or use the kitchen sink to browse by tag.

Try our console menu to dig deep without clicking multiple pages. For example, if you only want to see reviews about PlayStation 3 games simply roll your mouse to that option.

Search and Filter

Obviously, you can try our Google Search to find exactly what you're looking for.

Note the filters near the top of the search results to help you narrow down results.

Your Toys: Account Tools

Better Comments

We've partnered with the best commenting technology company on earth, Disqus, to provide real-time, editable, spam-resistant commenting for all of our members. There's a lot to cover, so we've created this comprehensive commenting guide to help you discover all of the new features.

Profile Options Tray

When you create an account, your username will appear on the top right corner with your avatar. After your profile is complete, clicking on your name will expose your account preferences and give you access to blogging tools. If you follow other Dtoiders' blogs, the latest 3 will appear on the far left.

Account Control Panel

Your redesigned account control panel offers you a vast variety of customization options. You can change your username, add a cover photo to your blog, manage NSFW content, change how the articles look on the home page, add your social networks, fill out a comprehensive gamer profile, and more. You can access this anytime from your profile menu.

Your profile also offers better privacy options: You can make your social links and gamer profile only visible to the people you follow.

Community Blogging

Destructoid wants to be the best place to blog about videogames. Just as our staff updates appear in chronological order on the home page, blogs written by all of our community members appear in a community feed. We frequently promote the best of our readers' content to the home page. Your blog will definitely appear on our homepage when you impress our editors!

Blogs in the community section can be voted up to help others discover the very best of what's new in the blogs. The very best stuff of all time will have surely moved on to the Promoted Blogs menu, so also check there for a more curated list. Use the menu on the top-right corner to filter the votes. You'll mostly find golden non-editorial stuff in there, like personal stories and heartfelt goodbyes from former staff. There's even a real marriage proposal or two in there.

Following Bloggers

Receive new stories from your favorite bloggers in your news feed by clicking the follow buttons. To unfollow our add more people in bulk, simply visit the add/remove bloggers page. Our staff will also often post goofy off-beat stuff in their blogs which you won't see on the home page; we get to loosen up a bit in the cblogs.

Blog Manager & Writing Posts

When your profile is 100% complete (you must upload an avatar and fill out your about page) the blogging menu becomes available. There you'll find useful tips on how to use the blog editor and how to make a great first impression. Be sure not to miss our Blogging Etiquette suggestions.

Suggest the next big thing

We're hard at work at developing new features that we think you'd like, but it's best when you actually shout it to us from the rooftops. Suggest and vote up your favorite ideas on what you'd like us to do next. No suggestion is too small. Thanks for reading us!

- The destructoid Community Team

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