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Uncharted lead designer leaving Naughty Dog

10:00 PM on 04.30.2012
Uncharted lead designer leaving Naughty Dog photo

Richard Lemarchand has announced his departure from Naughty Dog. The Uncharted co-lead designer, who worked on the series for 8 years, has accepted a teaching position at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division saying:

"I was involved with the development of the Uncharted series not quite from the beginning, but almost... and even though the Uncharted series isn't intended to be viewed as a trilogy, maybe there's something about the number three that felt... there is a certain amount of completeness for me.

"...I think the simplest answer is that it seems like a natural transition point."

Besides being home to the program that has illuminated such game gurus as Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago from Thatgamecompany, USC was also was ranked by the Princeton Review as having the best academic games program in the nation for the last three years in a row. It appears both Lemarchand and the games design students of USC are in good company. 

Uncharted designer Lemarchand leaves Naughty Dog for USC [Gamasutra via Giant Bomb]

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