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Ubisoft's unveils 'Far Cry Experience' web series

8:00 PM on 10.25.2012

Harry Monogenis


Gorgeous babes and bad disco dancing

Ubisoft has announced a four-episode web series (set to launch around the same time as Far Cry 3) developed internally called Far Cry Experience that, according to them, is going to be "a big gift to fans."

If you've ever watched one of Far Cry 3's trailers, you'll know that the story is, well, absolutely insane and Far Cry Experience aims to show us all how such a scenario would play out in real-life. The upcoming web series sees a gamer (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) being thrown into the Far Cry universe. From there it all gets a bit crazy what with Vaas Montenegro being present and doing what he does best -- that is, freaking us all out and causing grown men to cry.

For the time being we have a trailer for Experience. You're going to laugh at first when you watch it, but then you won't. Oh, trust me, you won't. My emotions... I, I don't know what to feel any more.

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