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Two Tribes wants your help for Toki Tori 2

1:15 PM on 10.24.2011

Jason Cabral


Dutch developer Two Tribes has just announced its newest project, and it wants to get players involved in the game development process too. Ten years after the initial release of Toki Tori, Two Tribes are working on Toki Tori 2 for the PC and Mac, with the hopes to release it in the first quarter 2012.

The interesting part of this announcement is that Two Tribes is letting players not only track the development of the game through blog posts and Twitter, but they are also allowing them to play early iterations of the game. Open beta testing for high profile games seem to be all rage these days, but this is one of the only times that a well-known developer has let gamers in on the development process from concept to final build, while the game is being developed.

If you would like to follow Two Tribes journey, you can check them out on Twitter, on their development blog or you can sign up here to test early versions of Toki Tori 2.

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