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Tickle sleeping children's feet in Game & Wario

10:45 AM on 03.14.2013

Tony Ponce


New vids remind us that, yeah, this game is weird

Everbody's buddy "NintenDaan" Koopman directed us to these latest videos for the upcoming Game & Wario. Now, I must admit that I haven't been following the development of the Wii U party fest because the word "mini-game" has become such a turn-off to me. I felt the same way with the initial reveal of Nintendo Land, but I warmed up to that gem once I spent hands-on time. If these vids are any indication, Game & Wario might be able to turn me around as well.

It was previously revealed that Game & Wario will contain 16 sub-games; the above trailer runs through the whole gamut. Weird stuff abounds, like tickling children's feet while they sleep, cracking open Saturn with your finger in order to free a banana rocket from the planet's core, and playing familiar WarioWare mini-games in the context of another mini-game. Mini-games within mini-games!? It's so friggin' meta!

Past the jump, you'll catch weird-ass commercials featuring non-Japanese actors dubbed hilariously poorly in Japanese. You'll also catch a montage of the sub-games "Pirate," "Kung Fu," "Gamer," and "Patchwork." The whole collection will be arrive in Japan on March 28 and in other regions some time thereafter.

Game & Wario - Overview Trailer [YouTube]

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