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8:00 AM on 01.07.2010 // Jim Sterling

I am fully aware that by posting this, I am essentially opening up any positive review of Darksiders (released this week) to accusations of pay-offs and bias. However, I don't really care, because I just received a GIANT MASSIVE DARKSIDERS SWORD! Yes, after receiving the biggest box in the world, I opened it up to find not only my review copy of the game, but this ridiculous beast. 

The sword (known to Darksiders players as the Chaos Eater) is so ludicrous that I literally burst out laughing when I took it out of the box. Even though it's not metal, obviously, the thing is still insanely heavy and I had trouble keeping it held with one arm for too long, even though I am quite mighty.

I've heard tell that a Destructoid reader may be able to win one of these bastards if they're very lucky, but they're going to have to tune back in to Destructoid later this afternoon to find out how. If you want your own mental sword to scare the neighbors with, keep reading Dtoid. We've got the hookup!

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