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Thomas Was Alone coming to PS3/Vita with Cross-Buy

2:15 PM on 02.27.2013

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

I'm smug about this

Thomas Was Alone, the game that caused Jonathan Holmes and I to argue like children over the term "art game," is making a migration from PC to consoles with a PlayStation Network release. The game currently has a release date of "Spring."

The bit I get to feel smug about is the fact game creator Mike Bitthell actually credits Jimquisition as the reason for Cross-Buy. Apparently my fevered rantings are sometimes on the money, convincing the developer to make the game available on two systems with one purchase.

"Fun fact: Cross-Buy is in the game specifically because I watched a  video about 30 minutes before first meeting with Sony," Tweeted the developer, causing my ego to skyrocket. 

Self-congratulation aside, this is good stuff. Always great to see Sony giving the indies a leg up, and smart integration of console and handheld purchases is only ever a good thing. Well played to both Mike and Sony.

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