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This weekend on Twitch TV: Passing the torch

4:45 PM on 01.27.2012
This weekend on Twitch TV: Passing the torch photo

Jon Carnage may be on his way out of Dtoid's Twitch TV channel, but he's going out with a bang with his final few appearances this weekend. It starts with the last regular episode of Mash Tactics as hosted by Jon Carnage and Wesley Ruscher today at 4p.m.. Immediately following, Kingdom of Foom will be doing its Friday Community Corner with Jon Carnage as special guest. This Saturday at 12 p.m. Pacific, Jon Carnage will be joined by Pico Mause for their last planned appearance on the channel for the foreseeable future.

Beyond that, we've got a full schedule of our regular programming to look forward to this weekend. Philanthr0py is continuing his quest to get to the bottom of Metal Gear Solid 4 on Chill with Phil. 321Go Cast is chatting with the lovely Caitlin Cooke. And Also Talks is joined by the CrimeMinister himself, Spencer Hayes.

Today at 4p.m. Pacific, Jon Carnage and Wesley Ruscher make their final regular appearance as hosts of Mash Tactics. The guys will be playing the downloadable survival-horror game Amy. This Saturday after Hangover, Jon Carnage and Pico Mause will be broadcasting a special edition episode to show their appreciation to the community, and celebrate the end of an historic era. This special will air from 12p.m. to 3p.m. Pacific, and will signify the passing of the torch to King Foom as the new host of Mash Tactics.

Immediately following Mash Tactics today, Kingdom of Foom is continuing the Friday Community Corner with special guest Jon Carnage. Foom will be chatting with Carnage about his experiences with livestreaming this past year and plans for the future. This will also mark the last show before Foom takes over as host of Mash Tactics next week.

Saturday Morning Hangover with Conrad Zimmerman and Jordan Devore airs from 10a.m. to 12p.m. Pacific. Come watch as they play the latest Xbox Live Indie Games demos for your enjoyment, and revel in the beauty of Conrad's mustache!

Chill With Phil will be on this Saturday at 4p.m. Pacific, continuing the arduous task of playing through all of the Metal Gear Solid titles. This week will be part two of playing through Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. After an unexpected 5 hour stream last week, tune in to see far Phil will take it tomorrow night.

321Go Cast is Destructoid's only live show/podcast hybrid airing on Sunday, from 2-4p.m. Pacific starring JohnnyViral, Pangloss, and Ryu89. This week, the guys are joined again by their trusty stream host Sterling Lyons, and Destructoid writer Caitlin Cooke.

Destructoid's live talk show, Also, Talks, starring Bill Zoeker and Johnny Luchador is committed to bringing interesting conversations about videogames, Destructoid, and random nonsense on Sundays at 4p.m. Pacific. This week, the show is joined by former host of Communicast Spencer Hayes.

Catch all of Destructoid's livestream shows at Twitch.TV/Destructoid!

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