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This weekend on Dtoid TV: WarMage: BG tournament

5:30 PM on 09.21.2012 // Rick KingFoom Olson

Is it really the weekend again already?! Join us tonight on Mash Tactics as we get things rolling with a casual tournament in WarMage: Battlegrounds. The team over at Burst Online have been awesomely awesome, and the game is insanely addictive, so we're going to give it another round of lovin' in hopes that I can get some more people as hooked as I am. We'll grab sixteen people from the Dtoid.TV community this evening and have them face off in one on one battles, for a chance at some sweet in game prizes. Come by the show for more rules and information, and get there early if you want a shot at getting involved. 

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, we're missing Phil, Holmes, and Conrad, but that doesn't mean that we wont still have a ton of awesome live gaming content for your face hole, check it out!

Check out our full schedule for the weekend:

All times are Pacific
4pm - Mash Tactics
Sixteen will enter, only one will leave victorious. Join in on the action, or just come by to spectate our first ever WarMage: Battlegrounds tournament. 

[Each weekday, join King Foom for an interactive journey of laughter and gaming as he plays titles new, old and downright weird in our flagship variety show. Themed episodes every day, including multiplayer viewer participation, in this community-focused program]
8pm - Substituted Reality
Kick off your shoes, grab a tasty beverage, and get ready to social the night away with AwDamn as he busts out some classic Star Wars: Battlefront II goodness with our live viewers.

[Destructoid's only PC-exclusive gaming show, Substituted Reality showcases a wide variety of games with a particular focus on first-person shooters. Hosted by the lovely, off-beat, AwDamn.]

10am - Saturday Morning Hangover
Conrad is off in the land of the rising sun covering the Tokyo Game Show. Expect more indie shenanigans next week.

[Ease the pain from the night before with a little schadenfreude as Destructoid's Conrad Zimmerman, Jordan Devore and the lovely Katrina play the week's Xbox Live Indie Games demos and beg for death's sweet embrace.]
12pm - Weekend Escape
To quote Brett ... "I have no idea what we're playing, but we're playing something." There you have it folks. Again.

[Hang out with Destructoid Contributors Brett Zeidler and Caitlin Cooke as they play through entire games with a focus on co-op. It's a safe bet that Caitlin is probably going to get mad at Brett for everything at some point.]
4pm - Chill with Phil
We're closing in on Phils eventual epic return, but sadly, this isn't going to be the week. Rumor has it next week is where it's at. We'll keep you posted.

[Philanth0py hosts this relaxed show in which he performs full game (and series) playthroughs.]
8pm - Substituted Reality
Come watch this evening as AwDamn revisits a classic with a new coat of paint, in the highly anticipated, and highly impressive Source mod, Black Mesa.

[Destructoid's only PC-exclusive gaming show, Substituted Reality showcases a wide variety of games with a particular focus on first-person shooters. Hosted by the lovely, off-beat, AwDamn.]


1pm - Sup, Holmes?

The ever lovable Jonathan Holmes, is taking a much needed break this weekend. But don't fret, he'll be back. Get ready to welcome him home with open arms when he returns next week.

[Join Destructoid's most lovable Associate Editor, Jonathan Holmes, for interviews with his friends in the game industry. Participate in the live chat and get your questions answered]


4pm - Rad Show: Get There!
Johnny Luchador , like the rest of us here, has caught the Borderlands 2 bug. Join in this afternoon as he wrecks Pandoras face off with the live crowd.

[Starring Johnny Luchador, Super Fantastic Videogame Rad Show: Get There! takes a lighthearted approach to gaming, with the guys usually focusing more on breaking games for ridiculous results than accomplishing feats of skill.]
6pm - Retroactive
Crux will actually be on each and every Sunday from 9am - 1pm Pst, on his new show entitled, The Sunday Show. Come by this week, and start your morning with some Dark Souls. [I'll get on fixing this part of the post asap =p]

[Retroactive centers around the games of yesteryear. Your host Crux adventures through nostalgic games on the consoles of his childhood.]
8pm - Substituted Reality
Crysis returns this evening as AwDamn, closes out the week with a chilled out broadcast, and continues his current playthrough of this classic open world shooter.

[Destructoid's only PC-exclusive gaming show, Substituted Reality showcases a wide variety of games with a particular focus on first-person shooters. Hosted by the lovely, off-beat, AwDamn.]

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