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This weekend on Dtoid.TV: 56 non-stop hours for charity!!

4:30 PM on 05.06.2012 // Bill Zoeker

When Destructoid turned six years old, our benevolent Lord Niero wanted to lead the company, and the community, into even more charitable endeavors than ever before. What El Jefe unveiled was a campaign to send Destructoid staff to Costa Rica, putting their keyboard-caressing hands to the mortar building houses with Habitat for Humanity. At the time of writing this, Destructoid's fund sits at a total $1,720 in donations. We hope to reach our goal of $6,000 by the end of this weekend, but we're offering something in return for your donations.

This weekend on Destructoid TV, we are bringing a solid block of livestream entertainment, 56 hours long! All of our regularly scheduled shows are on as usual, with Dtoid broadcasters from all over the week pitching in with shows all day and night for the sake of this worthy cause. We're going to have giveaways for donators throughout the weekend. In addition, the broadcasters will have their own milestones to perform when donation goals are met. Expect embarrassment to the highest degree. Read the full schedule below.

[All times are Pacific]


4p.m. - 8p.m.

King Foom is kicking off this titanic marathon with Mash Tactics. Foom is keeping his plans for the show a mystery, but you can be sure it will kick things off with a bang!

8p.m. - 11p.m.

Substituted Reality is Destructoid's only PC exclusive gaming show, hosted by lovably offbeat caster, Awdamn, and airing every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8p.m. Tonight, Awdamn stretching his demon tentacles in The Darkness II. Saturday is going to be another bacon-hording round of Super Monday Night Combat. Sunday night, Awdamn is closing out the marathon with some Batman: Arkham City.

11p.m. - 1a.m. - Johnny Luchador, host of Rad Show: Get There!



1a.m. - 4a.m. -  x4Ryuusei, host of Journey to the East.

4a.m. - 10a.m. - King Foom, host of Mash Tactics.

 10a.m. - Noon

Saturday Morning Hangover with Conrad Zimmerman and Jordan Devore airs from 10a.m. to 12p.m. Pacific. Come watch as they play the latest Xbox Live Indie Games demos for your enjoyment, and revel in the beauty of Conrad's mustache! This week, the guys are joined by the fine people at Ronimo Games to play their new title, Awesomenauts.

Noon - 4p.m.

Hang out with Destructoid Contributors Brett Zeidler and Caitlin Cooke every Saturday at 12p.m. Pacific as they play through entire games with a focus on co-op. It’s a safe bet that Cait is probably going to get mad at Brett for everything at some point. This week, Cait returns to attempt some teamwork with Brett in Super Monday Night Combat. Who gets to use the Mr. Destructoid character? Tune in to find out!

4p.m. - 8p.m.

Chill with Phil airs this and every Saturday at 4p.m. Pacific. For this event, Phil is opting for a traditional A.D.D. format, in which the viewers choose what he plays. If the crowd wants him to continue his Resident Evil series playthrough by starting RE: 4, so be it!

8p.m. - 11p.m. - Substituted Reality with Awdamn

11p.m. - 3a.m. - Crux, host of Retroactive.

3a.m. - 9a.m. - Spamfish, host of The Melted Fridge Show, with a special guest stream.

9a.m. - 1p.m. - Sculidrew, host of Sculi Mode.

1p.m. - 2p.m.

Sup Holmes is live talk show starring Destructoid editor, Jonathan Holmes, airing every Sunday at 1p.m. Pacific. Every week, Sup Holmes features games industry professionals discussing the issues, and answering viewer questions. This week, Holmes is talking to Joakim "Konjak" Sandberg, designer of Noitu Love 2. Additionally, Holmes will be giving away $30 in credit at Threadless Tees during the show!

2p.m. - 4p.m. 

321Go Cast is Destructoid's live-recording community podcast about nothing, airing at 2p.m. Pacific and starring Johnny Viral, Pangloss, Chris Healy, and Ryu89. This Sunday, the crew is changing things up, for the sake of charity. "The Goof Troop", as their team is called in League of Legends, will be taking on all comers in "All Random, All Bottom" matches in the free to play MOBA.

4p.m. - 6p.m. 

Super Fantastic Videogame Rad Show: Get There! starring Johnny Luchador and Bill Zoeker airs every Sunday at 4p.m. Pacific. Rad Show takes a light-hearted approach to gaming, with the guys usually focusing more on breaking games for ridiculous results than completing feats of skill. Rad Show is crashing Pandora in Borderlands this week.

6p.m. - 8p.m. 

Retroactive centers around the games of yesteryear. Every Sunday at 6p.m. Pacific, and Monday at 8p.m. Pacific, its host, Crux adventures through nostalgic games on the consoles of his childhood. Sunday night, Crux is whipping the crap out of Dracula in Super Castlevania IV for the SNES. Monday night will be that uncanny novelty, Knuckles in Sonic 2.

8p.m. - ??? - Awdamn is capping off this amazing marathon with some Batman: Arkham City. Substituted Realty is the last show of the weekend, which means the marathon ends whenever Awdamn says so. See how long you can keep him up with donations!

Catch all of Destructoid's live programming by following Dtoid.TV!


Bill Zoeker, Video Technomancer
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I'm a jackass of all trades. I've plugged my brain into net to create info-taining videos about video games for you and your friends to consume with your lovely faces. more   |   staff directory

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