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This Week in the Community Blogs: Follow that robot!

8:00 PM on 10.16.2012 // mrandydixon

[In "This Week in the Community Blogs", we highlight notable happenings in the Cblogs section of the site. Special thanks to the hardworking Dtoiders on the CblogRecaps team, without whom a feature like this wouldn't be possible!]

The good times continue to roll in the Dtoid community blogs! Your community managers recorded a new podcast, ManWithNoName returned with a bang, and two NARP groups announced new gatherings!

Hit the jump to see everything else that went down this week!

Monday, October 8
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The week started off right with a great blog from Epic KxDtoid about the trials of being an SD gamer in an HD world. Game developers, take note! On a similarly "dated" note, Master Chibi finally discovered the glory that is Team Fortress 2. Hey, better late than never!

Shifting gears, siegarettes composed a short-but-sweet thought-blog concerning violence in videogames, and Panzadolphin looked back at the 80s horror game Sweet Home. Great write-ups, everyone!

Tuesday, October 9

Kicking off the inevitable influx of Halloween-themed blogs, Lieutenant Bourbon recommended two games to play to freak yourself out in this scariest of months, stubbleman detailed exactly why you should play Endless Ocean 2 if you haven't already, and NoctisDragonGamer looked back at when, why, and how Nintendo got "doomed". Great blogs, people!

In other news, our own Chris Carter kicked off the latest in his Quest series, this time tackling everyone's favorite anti-hero, Wario. Check back often for updates as he trudges his way through the series!

Wednesday, October 10

In keeping with Tuesday's spooky theme, Garison reminded us all of the Majora's Mask "cursed cartridge" urban legend, while Dtoid New England shared their plans for a Halloween NARP! Elsewhere, Yves Considerably shared a brief story about how videogames helped him get through his uncle's funeral, locketheleisz explained why he's fed up with so-called "triple A" games, and Solar20XX took a look around the newly designed Destructoid and liked what he saw. Thanks for the kind words!

Thursday, October 11

/enters shameless self promotion mode

Hey! You! Did you know that your Destructoid community managers recorded a podcast last week? And that in future episodes, you'll have a chance to be on itGo check out Communitoid and give us some feedback!

/ends shameless self promotion mode

In other exciting cblog happenings, the ManWithNoName finally made his way back to our mad corner of the universe, while Yves Considerably finally hit that 100,000 gamerscore mark! We all know that was waaay better than the sex you could have been having; thanks for sharing!

Friday, October 12

Remember all the way back to two sentences ago, when ManWithNoName returned to Dtoid? Well, he wasted no time getting right back into the swing of things, and his first blog since returning was a (pseudo-NSFW) look at pornography in videogames (two of my favorite things). Check it out! Then the Dtoid Baltimore/DC crew announced their upcoming November NARP, kuroir shared some updates for your cblogging software (THANKS!), and Occams electric toothbrush splooged his brain juices all over the internet in his latest Occam's Thoughts. Nice work!

Also on Friday, your normal slew of FNF blogs made their weekly appearance. Whether you game on the 360, PS3, 3DS or PC, we've got you covered!

The Wankend, October 13 and 14

As if to say, "Ha, and you thought you were going to get some sleep this weekend!", you were busier on Saturday and Sunday than on all the other days in the universe to have ever been... uh... something. The point is, you wrote a ton of blogs this weekend!

ManWithNoName kicked things off with his thoughts on how to fix Mirror's Edge, ReeceH92 shared his list of the top five most innovative zombie games, and PhilK3nS3bb3n announced a new community podcast, the Low(er) Tier Podcast! (Now, can someone please teach Phil how to upload a new blog header?) Also, Excel-2011 shared exactly how he would "fix" Capcom, and MisterDonut called it quits with Pokemon. (Well, maybe.)

All in all, a wonderful weekend! Pat yourselves on the backs!

This week's promoted blogs

We promoted two of your blogs to the front page this week! First up was Cutie Honey's write-up on his issues with Project X Zone, followed by Revuhlooshun's open letter to Capcom. I'm happy to say that these were two of the most widely-read blogs ever to appear on our front page; great job, guys!

This week's community podcasts

Not much on this front this week, but what's there is glorious! The Low(er) Tier Podcast was announced (hooray!), and Communitoid recorded its very first episode! Go give it a listen!

This week's community contests

PhilK3nS3bb3n is giving away Resident Evil 4 HD, and all you have to do to win is tell him to upload a new blog header! (Well, there may be a bit more to it... but not much.) Thanks, Phil!

And that's it for this week! As always, thanks to everyone who takes the time to cblog, and we'll see you next time, Dtoiders!

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Status updates from C-bloggers

Shinta avatarShinta
nanashi avatarnanashi
Fallout Shelter: Impossible to Learn, Easy to Master.
Mike Wallace avatarMike Wallace
Not saying this is the case, but Kojima has gone on record as being a huge Mad Max: Fury Road fan. Konami decided to release MGSV on the same day as Mad Max TVG. They're trying piss on Kojima's lawn, man.
ooktar avatarooktar
Downloading Phantom Pain. ETA, 16 hours. Just in time for lunch tomorrow.
Mr Knives avatarMr Knives
OH WOW. Talk about a complete about face. After slogging through the horrid beginning and slow ass swap sequence this game picked up exponentially. So far, I'm enjoying the hell out of it now. All if forgiven. Thank you based Kojima.
Rad Party God avatarRad Party God
Oh, joyful night. [youtube][/youtube]
techsupport avatartechsupport
After a summer of on-and-off casual play, I've finally reached lv. 34 in Destiny :')
nanashi avatarnanashi
also Fallout Shelter just made me utter this: "I have to get these pregnancies done.." life is trivial in this game!
Mr Knives avatarMr Knives
Let it be known that Metal Gear 2 for MXS has aged horribly and is no fun to play. In the midst of a MGS marathon, looks like I'm skipping ahead to MGS.
Rad Party God avatarRad Party God
"Available: 31 August - This game will unlock in approximately 2 hours" HOLY SHIET! [youtube][/youtube]
nanashi avatarnanashi
-nudge nudge- hey Sony, discount Ys: I and II Chronicles and Ys: Seven on the PSP :D
RadicalYoseph avatarRadicalYoseph
Just out of curiosity, does anybody here still play Mario Kart 8 at all frequently?
Cosmonstropolis avatarCosmonstropolis
Neighbors ended up calling the cops. I hid under a cardboard box. Police officers were perplexed but went back to their patrol routes after a minute or so.
techsupport avatartechsupport
!a new MGS: Ground Zeroes update file auto dl'd and installed..the day prior to MGSV... hmm.. coincidence? OR... coincidence?
GoofierBrute avatarGoofierBrute
Just got an email from Nintendo saying that my Club Nintendo reward has been shipped and is on its way. Now it's the end of an era. *pours one out for Club Nintendo*
wutangclam avatarwutangclam
I've been thinking of starting up a criticism-minded "game of the month" type podcast. Would anyone be interested in something like that? If you'd wanna be part of it, let me know, I'm generating ideas and looking for contributors
CJ Andriessen avatarCJ Andriessen
Playing the most difficult strategy game ever: trying to figure out what order to beat your backlog in.
ChillyBilly avatarChillyBilly
Transient Ryu stays ripped by riding the rails and throwing other transients off of his rail cars - [IMG][/IMG]
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
I'm so, so sorry everyone. :(
kolten2 avatarkolten2
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