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This Month in the Community: Cocktober

9:00 PM on 11.08.2012 // mrandydixon

A sexy recap of all the things you people do

[Every month, we on the Dtoid Community Team throw together a round-up of everything happening in and around the community! We'll scour the cblogs and forums for awesome posts, recap our latest community playdates, highlight community podcasts, and give you the low-down on any NARPs you may have missed.]

Podcasts and werewolves and NARPs, oh my!

October saw Dtoid relaunch with a ton of fun new features, we brought you some great contests, you played a bunch of awesome games together, and more! All in all, you were quite the busy little community this month!

Hit the jump to see everything that went down!

by Mr Andy Dixon

It was another wonderful month in the Dtoid Cblogs!

You managed to pump out eight Promoted Blogs this month, which is absolutely amazing. vApathyv's blog about alcohol abuse was even shared by the people at Rockstar, and Revuhlooshun's open letter to Capcom was one of our most widely-read stories of the month, cblog or otherwise. Keep up the great work, people!

When you weren't writing brilliant editorials, you stayed just as busy by recording the 16 18 Community Podcasts you bestowed upon us this month. There were three from Secret Moon Base, one from TheFilterPodcast, one from Q and A Gaming, three from Taco Tuesdays, two from Words of Crom, one from Pocketoid, one from Scary Granules, one from the Lower Tier Podcast, one from some dude named Jonathan Holmes, two from the folks on the Cblog Fapcast team, and two from your friends over at Communitoid. HOLY SHIT that's a lot to listen to!

Equally impressive was the amount of work that went into your Artists Wanted submissions this month. Panzadolphin56, OLYJNS, noobspoon, Roberto Plankton, Anaugi, and Iacopo Donati all created fantastic pieces of art for the "Crossover" topic; I can't wait to see what you all come up with for this month's assignment, "Self Portrait"!

I've been a bit lax lately on keeping up with the weekly Community Blog Roundup, and for that I apologize. I promise it'll be back soon! Thankfully, the sexy Dtoiders on the CblogRecaps team don't know the meaning of the word "lazy", and they're still hard at work every day of the week archiving every little thing you people write. Let's give them all a hand! *claps*

Despite how awesome everything above was, my favorite trend this month had to be all the Halloween-themed goodness you people came up with. Between this spooky threesome of blogs by nekobun, the Halloween specials recorded by Secret Moon Base and Taco Tuesdays, Wrenchfarm's tribute to masks, Steven Hansen's tips for surviving the spookiest night of the year, and Swishiee's special edition of Team Fortress 2sdays, Michael Myers' birthday was truly a treat this year. Thanks for keeping us entertained!

by Aaron "Mxy" Yost and Joanna "Zodiac Eclipse" Mueller

Mxy says:

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! Show off pics of your awesome costume with the rest of the community in the COSTUMETOID thread!

This month we had some big releases such as steampunk stealth murder game Dishonored and Revolutionary War stealth murder game Assassin's Creed III. If you'd rather shoot bad guys in the face rather than sneak up and slit their throats, Halo 4 just released and Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be coming out soon! Kickstarter-funded space sim FTL also came out a while back, and apparently nobody actually wants to talk about the game on the Forums.

For those who want to take a trip down memory lane, VG_Addict wants to know about your favorite Obscure PS1 Gems and Obscure Genesis Gems.

November is National Novel Writing Month according to whoever decides these things, and Mecegirl has started the Nanowrimo 2012 thread for any aspiring writers who are up to the challenge!

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it's Secret Santa time! If you want to participate this year, be sure to hit the thread soon to sign up. But if you're going to be a lamer who never sends out a gift, don't bother. Because you suck and make Baby Jesus cry.

Zodiac says:

Mxy already picked all the good threads. Guess I'll just go listen to some sweet new Communitoid and play videogames.

by Conor Elsea

It's sometime between 4 and 7 am and I'm sitting in a hotel because our real estate agent screwed up and we can't move into our house yet. I don't even think anyone else on the community team remembered to do this, but I'm a bit drunk and can't sleep, so here's what's happening!

Have you been to MAGFest?  If not, you're fucking up your life. Fix that this year! Go to the planning thread and get the ball rolling! MAGFest is one hell of a time, and with the musical guests having just been announced, now is the time to get on it.

If you'd rather wait a couple months to get your Dtoid partying on, PAX East is your next bet. The Forums have a planning thread for that amasexing weekend already running, so go check it out!

Looking for something sooner? Check out Dtoid Baltimore/DC's BaltiNARP! There's history there people. I've partied with a lot of the people that will be in attendance, and I can tell you that you will not be let down. That's coming up this weekend, November 9th, 10th, and 11th, so make plans with due haste. Check it out here!

Or, if you're stuck out on the west coast and can make it to the San Francisco area on November 10th, you can see one of our alumni, R3Y GUTI3RR3Z DJing at a Destructoid dance party! If I wasn't in the middle of this stupid-ass move, I would already have my flight booked and spot reserved. If you go, party hard for me, kiddies.

If it's the holidays you're thinking of, Mr. Gobbldigook is still hard at work planning a Dtoid Thanksgiving! It's (tentatively) scheduled for the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Seattle, but stay tuned to that forum thread, because it could change. It'll be at Panamusica's house, who is the raddest of dudes. I'm nothing less than positive it'll be a night to remember. And I know a thing or two about nights to remember. I've forgotten almost all of them.

May his Noodliness forgive me if I've forgotten anything. Hit me up if you're planning anything in the future, want advice or help on throwing your own NARP, or just want to tell me how sexy I am. Until next time, be good people.

by Spencer Hayes

So, October happened. You know what else happened? Playdates. That's right, myself and the rest of the community's parents drug people around and watched them awkwardly fall around in the playpen with the other kids. Wait, it's not that kind of playdate? Damn... I guess we did have other ones of the more virtual variety. 

Every week we have two scheduled playdates: Team Fortress 2sday on Tuesdays and Friday Night Fights on Fridays. I know the naming scheme is complicated but try to keep up. This month we had each of these literally every week. If that's not consistency, I don't know what is. 

Sadly, that's all the Playdates news I have for this month. If you're interested in jumping into the upcoming events we have a brutal Halo-themed murder-fest coming up on the 9th. You know, if you like games with murder and whatnot.

See you guys next month.

by Beccy Caine

October was another busy month for the Brits, with yet another two gaming events to keep us occupied. First up was the GameCity 7 festival in Nottingham, a nine-day celebration of grassroots gaming and indie culture. Brandon Boyer's Venus Patrol Training Facility saw people of all ages and backgrounds trying out gaming gems such as Mega GIRP, Johann Sebastian Joust and PoleRiders. We discovered quite quickly that there's something rather disconcerting about children playing sumo wrestling Move game Get on Top as they cheer without fail at every sickening crunch signaling that the loser has broken their neck. I may also have video footage of community member iceblight playing Proteus in frog boss mode i.e. on a trampoline. (Will sell to the highest bidder.)

GameCity also treated us to a whole host of speakers, ranging from Leigh Alexander to Kieron Gillen, covering topics such as video game preservation and experimental design culture. My personal highlight would have to be the ethereal Proteus demo given by creators Ed Key and David Kanaga, leaving fellow developer and attendee Rami Ismail and I speechless. If you know either of us, you will understand that this is no mean feat.

I've attended GameCity for several years, but it never felt like anything to write home about until now. It's gained a real sense of legitimacy in recent years and has come to encapsulate everything I love about indie culture and video games as a whole. Consider this a hearty recommendation to drop by next year if you're in the area.

The London Comic Con MCM Expo couldn't be a more different event, but if comics, cosplay, gaming, "celebrities" and all things Asia are your thing, this is the event for you. The gaming presence at the expo was relatively light in comparison to, say, the cosplay, but developers such as Square Enix, Ubisoft and Namco Bandai were in attendance, with Dtoid alumnus Hollie Bennett walking us though Ni no Kuni. The ever-talented AceFlibble, my stalwart photography companion for the weekend, has uploaded his photos from the event, while you can expect to see a gallery from me soon. (Spoiler: There's a Wolverine holding a pug in a dress.)


And that's it for October! Got any ideas for making this feature better? Please sound off in the comments!

Until next month <3

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