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This Monster Hunter 4 village is 'dawww-some

9:30 PM on 07.12.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

I want to meet 'Cat Granny'

Siliconera has some new screenshots and information on the upcoming Monster Hunter 4, and it looks impossibly cute. Chico Village is one of the major hubs, headed up by an elderly female villager who lives amongst the Felynes -- she, of course, is called none other than "Cat Granny." Amazing!

But the feline madness doesn't stop there, as this time around you'll be able to equip your Felyne companions with weapons, armor, and gear. You can also send off Felyne crew members on quests with varying rewards, as well as assist them in their quests with the touchscreen.

While Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was a solid release, I'm really looking forward to jumping into all the new content and gameplay of Monster Hunter 4 eventually.


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Chris Carter
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