This Disgaea Dimension 2 trailer is sufficiently insane - destructoid

This Disgaea Dimension 2 trailer is sufficiently insane

8:45 AM on 02.21.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

Go Laharl!

As if the mere mention of Laharl's return with a brand new proper Disgaea game wouldn't be enough to excite me in the first place -- this new Laharl-centric trailer has be yearning to play Dimension 2.

You'll see a ton of gameplay in this fairly lengthy video, including the Item Sea, combat, some anime cutscenes, and the Dark Assembly. If you can't watch the trailer for whatever reason, I grabbed a ton of screens to check out in the gallery!

What's Flonne doing in a giant destructive mascot suit? I have no idea!


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Chris Carter
Reviews Director
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Disgaea Dimension 2

11:45 AM on 02.28.2013
Disgaea Dimension 2 update

The Disgaea D2 trailers get crazier and crazier

First Laharl, now Etna and Flonne get their promo
8:00 AM on 02.22.2013
Disgaea Dimension 2 update

NIS announces three RPGs for release this year

Disgaea Dimension 2, The Guided Fate Paradox, and Time and Eternity
12:30 PM on 02.19.2013
Disgaea Dimension 2 update

Disgaea ditches the Item World for the Item Sea in D2

Shiver me timbers!
8:30 AM on 01.17.2013
Disgaea Dimension 2 update

Laharl Disgaea Dimension 2

Can't wait to see what the context is
10:30 AM on 12.28.2012
Disgaea Dimension 2 update

Disgaea Dimension 2 gets a crazy new video

Classic Disgaea craziness ensues
11:00 AM on 12.20.2012
Disgaea Dimension 2 update

Disgaea Dimension 2 features a new hub, Laharl's sister

Sicily looks like a welcome addition

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