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This contraption automatically finds shiny Pokemon

4:15 PM on 11.05.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

For science, or something

What would you do for a shiny Pokemon? Y'know, other than the default answer of "spend hours upon hours encountering wild Pokemon for the slim chance that one will have alternate coloring." Granted, the process has gotten easier (some might even say sexier) over the years, especially with Pokemon X and Y. Especially especially if you build yourself a machine that will take care of the dirty work.

That's precisely what YouTube user dekuNukem has done, as shown in this video demonstration. 300 lines of (open-source) code power an Arduino micro hooked up to a 3DS. I'd be uneasy about opening up my handheld like that, but props for such commitment. The creator says they're going to Wonder Trade some of these rare catches which is just lovely.

[Via /r/pokemon]

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