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These Dr. Seuss game-to-book parodies are delightful

1:00 PM on 04.06.2013 // Tony Ponce

Would you kindly in a box? Would you kindly with a fox?

Watch out, Ashley Davis! You are not the only one capable of turning violent videogames into adorable children's entertainment!

Aussie artist DrFaustusAU has a talent for emulating the distinctive style of Dr. Seuss book covers. Over on deviantART, he has a gallery of Seussian delights based on everything from Batman and Star Wars to Dexter and The A-Team. And among them are a trio of game adaptations for BioShock, Silent Hill, and Skyrim.

In addition to the spot-on cover designs, DrFaustusAU provides a single rhyming verse for each. It's a simple touch, but it kinda makes you wish he'd go whole hog and do a full book.

Seussian Gallery by DrFaustusAU [deviantART via Geekologie]

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