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There will be no demo for Tomb Raider

10:30 AM on 01.17.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

No spoilers!

If you were expecting a demo for the highly controversial new Tomb Raider game, prepare to be disappointed. Global brand director Karl Stewart just confirmed the absence of a pre-launch demo on Twitter. Stewart goes on in another tweet:

We've weaved such an personal story we don't believe spoiling it by having you wait a week or so to play on, delivers on our promise.

It appears as if the team is very confident in their product, and legitimately think you're going to be blown away in some capacity: which is a great thing. On the other hand, what potential costumer doesn't love to "try before they buy?"

Of course, the words "pre-launch" are key here, as Stewart isn't ruling out a demo after launch. We'll see. As a long time fan since the beginning who was recently jaded by Underworld, I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Karl Stewart [Twitter]

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