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The Witch and the Hundred Nights lets your morality shine

12:30 PM on 04.10.2012 // Hiroko Yamamura

Nippon Ichi Software have finally taken the wraps off their first action-rpg, The Witch and the Hundred Knights. The upcoming PS3 title looks to be a cross between Diablo and Bioware games, allowing players to either help or hinder the cast of characters you will come across. Can't witches just leave well alone?

There isn't an explanation on how you use your 100 knight squad yet, but the idea sounds quite promising. The title will feature the ability to equipment up to 5 weapons at once, and combo chaining attacks. NIS has also brought the artist team from Disgea over, and as you can guess, everyone looks cute as a button! The single player release should make its way to shelves in North America and Europe in Q1 of 2013.

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