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The winner of the limited edition Muscle March-themed Wii

2:30 PM on 03.01.2010

Destructoid was giving away a Muscle March-themed Wii for the entire month of February thanks to Namco Bandai. This is one of only four Muscle March Wiis made in the world and Dtoider Artificialagent is the grand prize winner of the console and game.

Congratulations, Artificialagent! You went above and beyond to win this prize. Check out all of the entries after the jump as well as in the gallery. Nice try, everyone!

We have contests going on every week! Win limited edition Resident Evil 5 shirts, win an all-expense-paid trip to PAX East and win God of War III later today!




Auston MuffinMan Edwards:



Diego Alberto Garcia Aldana:

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