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The ultimate dream fighting game!

4:00 PM on 02.15.2011
The ultimate dream fighting game! photo

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is officially out today. And we love it. So much, in fact, that we here at Destructoid are already fantasizing about what other characters could be featured in a (hopefully inevitable) sequel or some (hopefully consistent) DLC.

But this being Destructoid, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to fantasizing about just Marvel or Capcom characters. We wanted to imagine a fighting game that could star any character from any videogame. Basically, the most incredible fighting game ever created.

So an internal e-mail thread was born, with several editors contributing their picks for characters they would love to see in the ultimate dream fighting game.

We only selected a handful of characters to make room for your suggestions, so contribute your own picks and keep this list growing! Let’s work together and make this the best fighting game roster EVER!

Bamboo Fue

Pulls out a long, hard flute and slaps enemies in the face.

Tutu Spin
Dr. Yang dons a tutu and spins around the screen, confusing and stunning all enemies for a limited time.

Offended that his name was changed for the North American release of Mystical Ninja, Dr. Yang screams “Ebisumaru!” as loud as he can, filling the screen with damaging Japanese characters.

It’s effin’ Dr. Yang! Come on!


Claps his hands together, sending out a devastating shock wave.

Madden Cruiser
Madden's personal bus [he has a fear of flying] comes out and runs over your opponent.

Tactical Telestrator
Draws football Xs and Os on your opponent, which does damage.

John Madden is a former football player and Hall-of-Fame coach, so he'd clearly be an ideal choice for a fighting competition. Thanks to his decades of experience as an NFL analyst, Madden would simply blow your mind with strategy and tactics -- fighting him would be like trying to beat Deep Blue at chess. Also, he's a pretty big dude.

Objection Punch

Punches enemies in the face why shouting “OBJECTION!” Extends one finger for extra damage.

Turnabout Fight
Like his trials, Phoenix Wright makes a dramatic comeback at the last second. This move revives Phoenix’s health, allowing him to fight for much longer.

Cross Examination
Phoenix Wright can counter all moves for a limited time.

As we all know, Phoenix Wright was this close to actually being a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He would be a great addition to a fighting game because he is a beloved character in a universally adored franchise. Honestly, I was shocked he didn’t make the final cut in MvC 3!


Sink under ground, pop up and attack.

Conversation Trap
Grab an enemy by a word balloon and suck them in with a mind-numbingly boring monologue.

Pick Axe
A devastating blow to the head with an axe.

Everyone who plays Animal Crossing both fears and loves Mr. Resetti. Bringing Resetti's brand of adorable intimidation to the fighting world could only lead to good things.

Kaiser Knuckle

Grabs enemy and slashes their face with giant metal claws.

Aura Cannon
A powerful projectile attack -- shoots a giant energy beam across the screen.

Brotherly Love
Sabin’s brother Edgar barrels onto the screen with a giant chainsaw, slashing all enemies on-screen.

Sabin is not only one of the best Final Fantasy characters ever, he already plays like a fighter character, with special moves straight out of the Street Fighter series!

Roll Up

Crush an enemy in your over-sized clump.

Break Apart
Send debris flying everywhere in a flurry of chip damage.

Royal Rainbow
Ask Dad for help, and he'll blast your foes with rainbow breath.

Like Resetti, the Prince is cute and menacing, but unlike Resetti, the Prince is the strong, silent type. Words are very unnecessary. He can do plenty of harm with his giant lump of doom.

Over Easy

Mr. Egg sinks into the ground, quickly sliding under the opponent and reappearing behind them.

Yolk of Death
Mr. Egg’s yolk spins around and around, hypnotizing the enemy and stunning them for a moment. Also can be used to break incoming combos.

Burger Time!
Pieces of a giant burger fall from the top of screen (bun, burger, lettuce, cheese, etc.), crushing enemies underneath.

What’s freakier and more disturbing than a giant fried egg with legs chasing you around the screen with nothing but murder on its mind? Answer: NOTHING!

Greasel Strike

JC enters a duct and exits behind the opponent to release twenty greasels who destroy and annoy the opponent.

JC gets a call about a bomb. He shouts “A BOMB!” and a bomb explodes on top of the opponent.

Helios Merger
JC does a super by merging with Helios and literally ruling your world until your HP drops to zero.

It's JC Denton. He will destroy you in more ways you can imagine with unforeseen consequences.

Sexual Androgyny

The opponent is so confused by Quina's sex that they become confused -- strength and speed are significantly decreased for a short period of time.

Blue Magic/Eat
Quina can open his mouth and swallow an enemy projectile before spitting it back. For the rest of the round, Quina has access to that attack if the player knows how to use it.

Fork Spear
Quina pulls out his/her trusty fork and pins his/her enemy to the ground for a short time, allowing him/her to set up a combo.

Why wouldn’t he/she be awesome?! It’s Quina! He/She has a giant tongue! He/She eats frogs. Also, he/she is referred to as “he/she” throughout the entirety of Final Fantasy IX.

Open your mind

Read your enemies’ thoughts, which causes their attacks to lag, allowing you to see them before they come out.

Hide in a Tummy
Retreat into your host’s belly, where it's nice and safe.

Baby Face
Stare down your opponent using your creepy face to freeze them in their tracks with fear.

Open your mind, Quaid. Open your miiiiiiind ...

We obviously could have come up with hundreds more -- these were only some of our favorites. Now it’s your turn! Let us know which videogame characters you want to add to our ultimate dream fighting game!

Just list the character name, the videogame they appear in, a selection of their special moves, and a short reason for why they would be an awesome addition to the game.

And who knows? Maybe someone with some serious design skills, a lot of time on their hands, and no fear of copyright infringements can make this game actually happen.

I already have my quarters ready.

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