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The top 10 bears in videogames! No, not that kind of bear...

4:00 PM on 08.23.2014 // Ben Davis

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[In response to the unexpected influx of fetish posts in our Cblogs lately, Dtoid community blogger bbain shares his own list of manly men you can't help but want to snuggle up with. Want to see your own work appear on the front page? Go write something! --Mr Andy Dixon]

For those of you who don't know, a bear is what the gay community calls a man who is typically large, mature and hairy. There are also cubs, who are typically younger, and otters, who are typically smaller (but still hairy). You might already know this stuff, but I'm actually not sure how well known these terms are outside of the gay community, so maybe this will be news to some of you.

Anyway, I initially wasn't planning on participating in the fetish trend, but I thought the Cblogs could use a healthy dose of masculinity, since all the other blogs so far have featured primarily slender, young women. Personally, I'm more interested in the exact opposite. In fact, my boyfriend even happens to be a bear!

So here is a list of my favorite bears in videogames. Feel free to chime in with some of your own!

Largo Potter
Valkyria Chronicles

Largo is a big, beefy lancer who is a member of your squad in Valkyria Chronicles. He's actually a farmboy at heart, with a penchant for growing vegetables, which is kind of adorable. He's also got killer sideburns, which I'm super jealous of! And with a name like Largo, and a specialty for using particularly phallic weapons, he's surely gotta be packing down there!

"Bad Box Art" Megaman
Street Fighter X Tekken

When Megaman was announced for SFxT, many fans cried foul. "He's fat and ugly! This is obviously a slap in the face to Megaman fans!" Yet when I watched the announcement trailer, all I could think was, "Woof! Megaman is all burly and manly now!" Some may say he's fat and ugly, but I think he's perfect the way he is! Of course, it's still possible (maybe even probable) that Capcom hates Megaman fans, but I'll still take this version of Megaman as a nice little surprise gift to the bear community!

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Really, I could have put any of the male characters from Valiant Hearts on here. Freddie, Karl, literally any male NPC. They've all got the perfect bear body type: stout and muscular! I only chose Emile here because he has the best beard. Plus you get to see him in his underwear :3

Pokemon X/Y

Wulfric is what the gay community would call a "polar bear." Basically, an older bear with grey hair. He's probably a bit too old for me, but even so, I honestly can't help but admire his glorious facial hair and his equally glorious belly! The animation where he slaps his belly right before you fight gave me the biggest grin :D

Sweet Tooth
Twisted Metal series

I was playing PlayStation All-Stars not too long ago and decided to try out Sweet Tooth, since I've played a fair amount of Twisted Metal games in the past, and I suddenly found myself thinking, "Woah, wait... when did Sweet Tooth become hot?!" And I'm not just talking about the fire shooting out of his head! It's weird, though. I mean, he's always had the whole psychopathic clown thing going on, which is creepy on so many levels, but then they went and made him shirtless, with a leather harness, and chest hair, and a perfect body... it was just totally unexpected. Granted, I'm not sure I'd want to go anywhere near him, since he's basically a bloodthirsty lunatic. It's probably best to just admire him from afar.

Borderlands 2

From the very first trailer and screenshots I saw of Borderlands 2, I immediately knew exactly who I wanted to play as. I didn't even need to see the other characters, I already knew Salvador the Gunzerker was going to be my favorite. The beard, the broad chest, the snug-fitting jeans, the beard. God I love his beard! Even his short stature was enticing, since I've always found short, stout guys rather attractive. It's too bad they made Axton the bi guy instead of Salvador!

Dick Gumshoe
Ace Attorney series

Dick Gumshoe is the handsome, scruffy detective from the Ace Attorney games. He always shows up looking all cute and sheepish, trying to act casual with his arm behind his head. And you know, they don't call him Dick for no reason! Actually, it's just a slang term for a detective, but hey, a man can dream.

Jonah Maiava
Tomb Raider

Jonah is such a cutie. He's probably the nicest character in Lara's group, which helps to make him immediately likeable. He also has the nicest body in Lara's group, which makes him even more likeable. He's got some cool tattoos too, but unfortunately his shirt and pants seem to be obscuring them. Why is he wearing a shirt, again? I wish he played a bigger role in the game, because you don't get to interact with him too much. He is one of the few characters to survive though, so maybe he'll make an appearance in the sequel, if we're lucky!

Dragon Quest VIII

Yangus is a big, burly ball of man with a heart of gold. According to his backstory, he was picked on and stereotyped as a bandit because of his appearance, but I think he's got a certain charm to him. It probably has something to do with his wonderfully hairy chest, which is always on display! He also has a skill called the Underpants Dance, where he dances around and flashes his underwear at the enemy, in an attempt to shock them. It's pretty hilarious! He can even equip boxer shorts, but unfortunately his appearance doesn't change to reflect his choice of armor. Lame!

Heavy Weapons Guy
Team Fortress 2

My personal favorite TF2 guy may be Soldier (who even got some fanservice in the latest official comic, seen above!), but I'll always have a special place in my heart for Heavy. The hulking beast of a man was the character that drew me to TF2 in the first place. He was the first character I tried out, and he's still one of my favorite classes to this day. And being from a popular game composed entirely of male characters means he's got rule 34 material galore! It really gives new meaning to his catchphrase, "I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and THIS is my weapon!"

Honorable mentions:

Ward Zabac (Final Fantasy VIII): For a playable Final Fantasy character, this guy has shockingly few photos on Google!
Zangief (Street Fighter series): Zangief kinda scares me, but he does tend to bring out some very cute cosplayers!
Bear Hugger (Punch-Out!! series): He's got the word "bear" right there in his name!


So there's my list! What about you? Have a favorite bear of your own?

Ben Davis, Contributor
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Ben, a.k.a. bbain, has been a member of the Dtoid community since 2009. He enjoys the happier things in life, like whales, Katamari Damacy, yams, and cartoons. The first game he ever beat was S... more   |   staff directory

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