*The state of DS homebrew: Jesus inside
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The state of DS homebrew: Jesus inside

1:18 PM on 08.10.2006  ·  Niero

The mother of all mobile gaming sites Modojo is ran a seven page feature on the state of DS homebrew games, with special emphasis on some of the most polished games created for the system and an interview with the sleepless tinkerer behind the ScummVM DS engine. Among the notables is a game called No Place to Hide which features Jesus in a mini game similar to DDR and a skeletal dungeon crawler loosely based on Zelda. Don't knock homebrew till you try it -- check it out!



Other useful links noted by Modojo:

General Homebrew Links

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DS Development Forums
DS Technical Reference
DS Homebrew Wiki

Emulation Links

Stella DS

ScummVM DS
Public Domain Roms


DS Doom

DS Quake
DS Heretic
Touch Me (I'm Famous)
Explosive Gas
A Touch of War
DS Academy
Drug Wars DS
No Place to Hide!


DS Linux
DS Organize
NDS Mail
Hello DS
Nitrotracker DS
DS Drum Machine



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