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The Smash DOJO!! recap: Brawl is turning into Pokemon ... sorta

5:21 PM on 12.28.2007 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

The week started off really weird and made me realize something about the DOJO (which I'll tell you at the end of the post). Wario's different costumes were shown off. He has his classic yellow and purple overalls as well as a few other color variations of his cloths including one that reassembles Mario's outfit. Tuesday was a double update focused all on Sonic. First, a new arrangement of Angel Island Zone was shown off. The second update was for Sonic's Final Smash where he turns into Super Sonic. Sonic can fly around the map and tackle opponents for a short period of time.

Wednesday and Thursday's update were focused on the Trophies in the game. To get trophies based on the Subspace Emissary enemies, you have to weaken the enemies and then you can throw the item called Trophy Stand at them, which will turn them into a trophy. So yes, Brawl has a Pokemon like mode to it now. There will also be a boss battle mode so if you miss your chance during the adventure mode the first time around, you'll have an easier chance to get the trophies. Thursday showed off the other new way to collecting trophies called Coin Launcher. The slot machine from Melee has been replaced with this. You use the coins you've earned in the game to shoot at trophies and stickers that are flying around in the Coin Launcher. It basically looks like a cross between Galaga and Bust-A-Move.

Today's update was another double update starting with Share mode. You need to make sure to turn this option on once you get the game so that you will be able to receive photos and stages from your friends. The second update of today was for the new item called Dragoon. It comes from the Kirby universe and is an item that is split up into three parts. Once you collect all three parts, your character will hop on it and then target an opponent for a one-hit KO. When you are collecting the item, it gets stored away but can get knocked out of you similar to the Smash Ball.

Now here's the thing I realized by Wario's update this week: The DOJO is not going to reveal every bit of info this game contains. I see many people complaining that there's not enough time before the release of the game for the DOJO to show every detail, but that's the point. They still want us to be surprised when the game comes out so we're just going to have to sit back and enjoy whatever bits of info we do get.

With that said, the DOJO updates are taking a weeklong break so we have to wait until Janruray 7th for the updates to start up again. What did you think of this week's update?  

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