*The Secret World beta has over 500,000 registered users
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The Secret World beta has over 500,000 registered users


In MMO land, the immenent release of Star Wars The Old Republic certainly casts a big shadow but that doesn't mean it's the only show in MMO town. Funcom's The Secret World is looking like it could provide something different and that seems to be what's attracted over half a million people to register for the game's beta testing phase.

With the game due for release in April 2012, it's quite an achievement to have 500,000 players sign up for your beta program. As I've mentioned before, The Secret World's mix of a modern day setting, three distinct factions and a classless levelling system maybe enough to make The Secret World stand out from other MMO's.

The Secret World will start accepting entrants into the beta closer to it's official launch, so if you want to get in on the action, head over to the official website and sign up. One thing to note, you are asked to register with your Facebook account for the "full experience." 

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