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The lovely ladies of Comiket 74

2:03 PM on 08.28.2008  ·  8BitBrian

Comiket is the mecca for otaku. It's nothing like we've seen before at Otakon or at E3. The mainstay of the con isn't announcements or hands-on -- it's doujinshi. Comiket is a chance for doujinshi circles to show off their latest projects, and for artists like Hiroki Otsuka to get discovered.

Oh, and then there's the cosplayers. The sexy, sexy cosplayers.

Now, I don't usually get the chance to fly out to Tokyo, wait in the gigantic lines, and take ridiculously high-quality photos, when not being turned away because I'm a scary foreigner. So, I rely on some of the fine folks over in Japan to supply us with some cosplay photos.

Down below are some of the fine videogame cosplay shots. If you'd like to see more, be sure to check out some of the cosplay shots we've got over at Japanator as well.


Photo Gallery

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#boobies #Cosplay #japan #Japanator
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