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The incredible Shadow Of The Colossus map for Counter Strike Source

1:31 PM on 01.29.2007

Papa Niero


The modding community has really outdone itself on this wildly creative Counter-Strike map inspired by Shadow Of The Colossus; it is absolutely gorgeous and only a 160mb download. Unfortunately it doesn't turn your character into a colossus -- it's just an uber cool map that made Steam infinitely more interesting this week. Some forum members have reported that it is very resource intensive and will reduce your gaming rig to Atari frame rates, but if you've got the goods beneath the hood by all means enjoy. Credits, download mirrors, and whodunnit after the jump. Don't miss the gallery on this one; if these guys don't work in the gaming industry their phones should ring this week. Most new commercial games don't even look this good!

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by soenke c. "warby" seidel ( )

layout, bsp, scripts, models and textures by soenke c. "warby" seidel ( )
photo resources, hdr-sky and entities support - thomas "hessi" hess ( )
inspirational paint overs - scott duquette sama ( )
awesome maya exporter and debugging help - prallhans (
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