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The hottest booth babe of E3 was at the Sony booth

5:30 PM on 06.10.2012
The hottest booth babe of E3 was at the Sony booth photo

You know, they keep telling me there's never any eye candy for the straight women and gay men of E3 to ogle, but I'm gonna have to call bullsh*t. Just look at that hunk of meaty man flesh. The way the flashing lights of the Sony booth gleam off his beady, sensual eyes. That kinky zippered crotch. Even the name just oozes sexuality..."Sackboy."

(*low whisper*)...Sack.

I'm yours, Sackboy. Taking me to the nearest convention center bathroom and make a gamer woman out of me.

The hottest booth babe of E3 was at the Sony booth photo

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