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The Great Retro Quiz! .25: Ninja Gaiden

2:00 PM on 03.26.2008 // Chad Concelmo

In honor of the incredible Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword coming out for the Nintendo DS, this week’s Great Retro Quiz is all about the even more incredible Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo Entertainment System. And if you first thought, “Wow, a quiz about that awesome Xbox game!” you are automatically disqualified. Sorry.

Do you think you remember this notoriously difficult classic as well as you think you do? Or did you forget everything the minute you threw your controller across the room in frustration after being knocked into a bottomless pit by a bird/bat for the 27th goddamn time!? Take the quiz to find out!

Just leave your answers in the comments and check my community blog tomorrow (3/27) to see how many you got right.

Before we get started, I have to ask: How do you all pronounce Ninja Gaiden? Is it “Gay-den,” “Guy-din,” or “Guy-den.” I have always been curious about this and have heard many variations over the years. I apologize for the distraction, but I really want to know once and for all. I say “Guy-den.” Am I wrong? Anyway ... good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .25
: Ninja Gaiden
Number of questions: 20
Difficulty: Hard

1. Make Niero and his avatar proud! What is main character Ryu’s surname?
a. Ryukenden
b. Shinobi
c. Hayabusa
d. Sakurazaki

HUD memories! Fill in the missing information:

2. Ryu’s energy
3. Boss’s energy
4. Score
5. Stage

6. In the (amazing!) opening cutscene, what do the two dueling ninjas clash swords in front of?
a. A cherry blossom tree
b. A bridge
c. The moon
d. An ancient palace

7. During that same battle, what color clothes does Ryu’s father wear?

8. What is the name of the American archaeologist that Ryu is requested to seek out?
a. Irene Lew
b. Peter Lerangis
c. Kevin Daniels
d. Walter Smith

9. Which of the following items replenishes some of Ryu’s health?

10. What happens immediately after the below interaction?

a. Ryu steals a statue
b. Ryu accidentally kills someone
c. Ryu is shot
d. Ryu escapes from prison

Light statue or Shadow statue?

11. Light statue
12. Shadow statue

13. What is the “black moon?”
a. A magic talisman
b. The nickname of the final boss
c. A lunar eclipse
d. A sword

14. What part of the world does Ryu parachute into?

15. Math fun! [the number of “acts” in Ninja Gaiden] + [the number of Ninja Gaiden games released on the NES] =
a. 7
b. 8
c. 9
d. 10

16. Who is not a member of “The Malice Four?”

17. Ridiculously hard question of the week! Where does Ryu fight Bloody Malth?
a. Amura's Altar
b. Place of Red Execution
c. Dragon Peak
d. Yomi's Cave

18. While in Europe, you decide to search for a copy of the original Ninja Gaiden in a used videogame store. Strangely, the clerk working behind the counter looks at you funny when you ask if the game is available. What should you have asked for?
a. Agent 0
b. Worlds of Power
c. Shadow Warriors
d. Ninja Adventure

19. Of the below special weapons, which is the only one that does not cost 5 spirit points to use?

20. Spoiler alert! Who does not die in Ninja Gaiden?
a. Dr. Smith
b. Foster
c. Ryu’s father
d. The Jaquio

*Bonus question: Could this image be any more badass?

a. Yes
b. No!

The Great Retro Quiz! Study Materials

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Chad Concelmo,
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