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The Great Retro Quiz! .01: The Virtual Console (NES)

6:17 PM on 09.12.2007 // Chad Concelmo

How well do you really know your retro games? Sure, you may know that Mario needs to collect 100 coins for a 1UP and Link wields the Master Sword, but sometimes even the most basic of game-related trivia questions may be harder to answer than you think.

Enter, The Great Retro Quiz!: a result of my love of the old school combined with a strange obsession with pointless trivia games. Hey, this kind of stuff makes me happy, okay?

Each week the topic will be different (from broad to game-specific). This being the first quiz, things are going to be a little on the easy side. Not only are all the questions multiple choice, but every game referenced was released on the original Nintendo Entertainment System and is currently available on the Wii’s Virtual Console. So if you have been a good retro student and downloaded all the games, this should be a piece of cake, right?

Check my community blog tomorrow (9/13) for the answers and scoring info. And try to be honest. Remember, Jesus is watching.

Put on those pixellated thinking caps and … good luck!

[Thanks to Topher for the amazing main image and RetroforceGO! for just being awesome]


The Great Retro Quiz .01
The Virtual Console (NES)
: 25
Level of Difficulty: Easy


1. You want to go on an adventure while visiting Adventure Island, but are unsure of how to use one of the game’s most popular power-ups. Who should you bring along to assist you?
a. Dale Earnhardt
b. Shaun White
c. Tony Hawk
d. Picabo Street

2. Simon Belmont is stuck on a deserted island. Which of these classic weapons would help him start a fire?

3. What is the name of the woman Donkey Kong kidnaps in the original Donkey Kong?
a. Daisy
b. Peach
c. Pauline
d. Kammy

4. “Otto” decides he can’t take it anymore and jumps off the top of the Elevator Action building. How many floors would he fall?
a. 20
b. 25
c. 30
d. 35

5. How many lanes are on the track in Excitebike?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

6. In Galaga, which of the following alien bugs has the ability to capture your ship?

7. After entering the classic “Contra” code in Gradius, what does the player receive?
a. 30 lives
b. Unlimited continues
c. The ability to warp to any level
d. All the power-ups

8. What are the names of the Ice Climbers?
a. Popo & Nana
b. Lolo & Lala
c. Dada & Momo
d. Samsam & Kiki

9. I am an annoying wizard in Kid Icarus and also a tasty vegetable. What am I?

10. Kirby decides he wants to receive the power to burrow under the ground. Who should he suck up?
a. A ripper from Metroid
b. A goomba from Super Mario Bros.
c. A leever from The Legend of Zelda
d. A Shy Guy from Super Mario Bros. 2

11. Although not intentional, what scandalous symbol does the map of the 3rd dungeon in The Legend of Zelda resemble?
a. An upside-down cross
b. A swastika
c. A confederate flag
d. A pair of women’s breasts

12. Who is Error?

13. While hanging out in Mach Rider’s apartment he shows you the content of his TIVO. What show would most likely be first on his Season Pass?
a. Pimp My Ride
b. Airline
c. Thomas the Tank Engine
d. American Chopper

14. What phrase’s acronym matches the letters on the block in the middle of each and every Mario Bros. stage?
a. Bay Area Music
b. Post Office Protocol
c. World of Warcraft
d. Prisoner of War

15. Justin Timberlake is all about the feminist movement; when he gets married he wants to change his own last name to please his woman. Who would he have to marry to have his new name match the famous Metroid password that lets you play the game as Samus without her suit?
a. Bonnie Bailey
b. Dee Daly
c. Patricia Parkley
d. Rowena Ridley

16. In Milon’s Secret Castle, what kind of item do you need to collect to warp to the bonus stages?
a. An umbrella
b. A honeycomb
c. A music box
d. A bubble

17. The bonus stage in Pinball for the NES closely resembles which of the following classic arcade games?
a. Pac-Man
b. Frogger
c. Missile Command
d. Arkanoid

18. What is the name of Little Mac’s trainer in Punch-Out!!?
a. Doc Louis
b. Pepper Joe
c. Curtis “Corner Man” Dante
d. Buster Armstrong

19. If David Beckham were turned into a sprite and plastered on the cover of one of the first games released for the NES, who would he most likely replace?

20. Some producers in Hollywood randomly decide to make Solomon’s Key into a mainstream comedy. Which of the following lead actors would not have to change his first name if cast as the main character?
a. Chevy Chase
b. Martin Short
c. Robin Williams
d. Dana Carvey

21. The original Star Soldier for the NES spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs, including all of the following, except:
a. Blazing Lazers
b. Super Star Soldier
c. Soldier Blade
d. Galaxy Soldier

22. Analogy fun! Mario Bros. : Mario and Luigi : : Super C :
a. Bill and Fox
b. Bill and Lance
c. John and Dutch
d. Sam and Ray

23. To get fireworks at the end of each Super Mario Bros. level you have to hit the flagpole when the last digit of your timer is at any of the following except:
a. 1
b. 3
c. 6
d. 9

24. All the playable characters from Super Mario Bros. 2 have aspirations to win a gold medal in the high jump. Who would have the best chance at success?

25. What do you try to push your opponent into to win in Urban Champion?
a. A restaurant window
b. A manhole
c. A construction zone
d. A group of gang members

Chad Concelmo,
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