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The enemies in Remember Me sure look freaky

1:00 AM on 04.05.2013

So why am I not more excited?

Capcom has a new trailer for Remember Me, which features a few enemy types, outcast mutants of some sort, robots, etc. There's also a perfectly fine amount of the main character, Nilin, engaging with these antagonists. It also has a reasonably inoffensive backing tune which resembles the kind of music uninformed people like myself refer to as "dubstep," but not quite so loud. 

In case it wasn't painfully obvious from the preceding paragraph, Remember Me hasn't clicked for me yet. There is no justification I can offer for this, because it seems to be composed almost entirely of things that I like. It's daring to offer me an alternative to playing the white male with dashing good looks (I have a mirror already, thanks). The setting is a science-fiction dystopia where the thoughts of all humanity are the property of a corporate master (20 Minutes into the Future, check your watches). And it's an 3rd-person action game with combo and upgrade systems that appear as though they'll offer a pretty flexible range of options.

Like, it all sounds good. Maybe too good. Perhaps that's really my issue. I'm sorry, Remember Me, but I've had my heart broken before and it's made me hard. Please don't stop trying to make me love you.

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