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The Daily Hotness: Thomas was dubstep

11:59 PM on 10.05.2012

In response to a joke that Thomas Was Alone would sell better in North America with a dubstep trailer, our own Conrad Zimmerman put the above video together. The sad thing is that watching this video reminded me that I've been meaning to buy this game, so it is technically true that the dubstep trailer will help increase sales.

The good news is that Thomas Was Alone is on sale currently, so if that dubstep trailer gets you fired up over saltatory quadrilaterals, then you can pick it up cheaply! Otherwise, Patrick reviewed the digital release of Sonic Adventure 2, TheManchild wrote about being stupid, and so much more happened on this fine Friday.

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Review: Sonic Adventure 2

Fans petition Konami for Suikoden on PSN worldwide
Bethesda is still having issues with Skyrim's PS3 DLC
Retro City Rampage is out October 9 on PS3, Vita, and PC
Japan will nab the XL Circle Pad Pro on November 15th
Unfinished Swan dated, hits PSN October 23
Thomas Was Alone goes half price for a day
Joe Danger 2 PSN dated, exclusive content detailed
The 'next big thing' for Angry Birds involves Star Wars
Weekend PC download deals: Elder Scrolls, THQ, Atari

Politician declared unfit for office due to WoW habit
brentalfloss wanted to join Banjo-Kazooie's sound team
Fangasmic Mega Man clone Rokko Chan gets a remix album

New Guardians of Middle Earth vid shows off mah boi Nori
Here's a wonderful video walkthrough for the new SimCity
Live-action Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn series begins
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan announced for 3DS
A look at all the biggest Skylanders Giants characters
Trials Evolution gets 36 more tracks in 'Origin of Pain'
Virtue's Last Reward gets Euro trailer, you lucky dogs

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