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The Daily Hotness: Synergize the ecosystem with tear gas

11:59 PM on 02.22.2013 // Abel Girmay

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So how about that PlayStation 4 event huh? New hardware, new games, and a whole new set of annoying buzz words for a whole new generation! Don't know about you guys, but if Microsoft doesn't step up their synergy ecosystem of play with more tear gas at political rallies, then this generation is already as good as lost to them.

That line makes more sense when you don't think about it.

Today, we deliver to you a belated version of Podtoid, as smatterings of PS4 news continues to trickle out, including a non-statement about The Last Guardian. Bioware sets out to honor the late Robin Sachs with their final Mass Effect 3 DLC, while Ubisoft tries to make nice with PC gamers. Microsoft is hosting a huge sale on their Xbox LIVE Games on Demand, and Brental Floss wraps up the Game Over Tinies comic. Seriously, if you guys haven't read those yet, make sure you do. It will be the happiest five minutes of your day.

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Because of Sup Holmes, Mighty Switch Force! HD is 50% off
Tomb Raider will be able to run on low end PCs
Sony sorry for lack of Last Guardian news
Ubisoft wants to 'improve relationship' with PC gamers
It's time for another Black Ops II Double XP weekend
Dusty Raging Fist to debut on Wii U eShop this year
Ubisoft wants PS4, Next Xbox, to have shorter lives registered, industry expects April event
PlayStation 4 games will range from $0.99 up to $60
Capcom looking into Breath of Fire III for North America
Armored Core: Verdict Day announced for 360 and PS3
Mass Effect 3 honors Zaeed's late voice actor in new DLC
More Metal Gear spin-offs may be on the way
Free Steam weekend for CoD: Black Ops II multiplayer
Pre-order BioShock Infinite on PC and get free games
Blow explains why The Witness is a timed PS4 exclusive
Xbox 360 has a giant Games on Demand sale next week
Deus Ex movie won't be a videogame movie
Dota 2 adds in-game guides to help players
Helm's Deep map added to official Left 4 Dead 2 servers
Here's a screenshot of DriveClub from ... Mercedes-Benz?
Hell Yeah developer to cease making games
The Blackwell Epiphany is set to answer questions
Bungie really does have no idea what to do with its hands
Weekend PC download deals: Save on Apogee, Nordic Games
Prey 2 teaser site updated, but Bethesda not responsible

Even more 'Game Overs' in storybook rhyme
Castlevania IV gets the Laura Shigihara vocal treatment

Box art posts are the worst: here's one for Watch_Dogs
NIS announces three RPGs for release this year
Killzone: Shadow Fall humiliates Jimmy Fallon
Here's all of the PR bull from the PS4 event condensed
Disney debuts more Cars info for Disney Infinity
Castlevania: Mirror of Fate pimps Simon in new trailer
Dreamfall Kickstarter passes million-dollar milestone
Sucker Punch talks about inFAMOUS: Second Son
Shin Megami Tensei IV battles and exploration shown
The Flys, Staind and Queensrÿche en route to Rock Band
See how Lara fights back in the new Tomb Raider
Check out the Boba Fett table for Star Wars Pinball
New Soul Sacrifice footage now available to consume
Chicken races? Guild Wars 2 gets guild missions next week
RIOT on iOS will make you want to break something
The dancing soldiers are back in Crysis 3
Adult Swim, success, and failure with PixelJam

Abel Girmay, Contributor
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Born and raised in Oakland, CA. Avid fan of FPS, RPGs, and Little Caesars Pizza.  more   |   staff directory

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GoofierBrute avatarGoofierBrute
Just got an email from Nintendo saying that my Club Nintendo reward has been shipped and is on its way. Now it's the end of an era. *pours one out for Club Nintendo*
wutangclam avatarwutangclam
I've been thinking of starting up a criticism-minded "game of the month" type podcast. Would anyone be interested in something like that? If you'd wanna be part of it, let me know, I'm generating ideas and looking for contributors
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Playing the most difficult strategy game ever: trying to figure out what order to beat your backlog in.
ChillyBilly avatarChillyBilly
Transient Ryu stays ripped by riding the rails and throwing other transients off of his rail cars - [IMG][/IMG]
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
I'm so, so sorry everyone. :(
kolten2 avatarkolten2
TheAngriestCarp avatarTheAngriestCarp
I'm pretty sure you guys know what game I'll be playing tomorrow. One of THE hottest games of the season. That's right, I'm talking about Lunch Truck Tychoon. Kojima ain't got shit on me, mukkas!
Flegma avatarFlegma
Playing Project Zero 2 on Wii. One should hope PZ5 got more sensible controls - twisting the Wiimote left/right to turn the camera does not make sense.
Barry Kelly avatarBarry Kelly
"When you are not playing the game or choose not to join the defense, your FOB will be defended automatically by your Security Team and security devices." Yeah, I think I'll just avoid the FOB functionality in MGS V
Snaveage avatarSnaveage
PSA: If you're picking up Phantom Pain tomorrow, put the kids down for a nap, turn off your phone and tell your partner to pipe down - the opening hour deserves your undivided attention. Enjoy!
extatix avatarextatix
If you like your hentai VNs [url=""]cheap.[/url] Or even [url=""]cheaper[/url].
VeryImportantQuestion avatarVeryImportantQuestion
Just read that SquareEnix have applied some weird mutation of crowdfunding mechanics to the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided preorder. I know the last blog I wrote mentioned how big publishers try to pervert these systems, but to think it's already this far gone.
Cosmonstropolis avatarCosmonstropolis
First in line to grab MGS V tomorrow. Close to my house, so it looks like I can eat and sleep comfortably. No one else seems to be waiting at my mailbox. Neighbors are getting suspicious.
The Travisionist avatarThe Travisionist
[img][/img] Sometimes, life is good as a ghost.
Mike Wallace avatarMike Wallace
You know what, I'm just gonna come out and say it. I hope MGSV fails. It won't train wreck by any means, but I hope it's a huge financial failure. Nothing against Kojima, but #fuckonami
Rad Party God avatarRad Party God
MGS V unlocks for me tomorrow at noon.
LinkSlayer64 avatarLinkSlayer64
Since my blog using this is basically useless, I still wanted to share it. [img][/img] CAN YOU DIG IT!?
Manchild avatarManchild
I don't think you should be able to say #Fuckonami if you are deciding to support their product anyways. I don't often agree with boycotting and am not condoning that, but get your story straight and show a little consistency.
CJ Andriessen avatarCJ Andriessen
When the band began to play the stars were shining bright. Now the milkman's on his way and it's too late to say good night. So, Good Morning! Good Morning!
IDrawOnTape avatarIDrawOnTape
I'm guessing all rock bands in the world must have stopped making music videos this year, since I read fall out boy's "Uma Thurman" won for rock video of the year. I can only assume there were no other nominees.that's the only rational explanation.
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