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The Daily Hotness: Super Guitar Bros.

11:59 PM on 05.29.2013

I saw these guys perform at the most recent MAGfest, and immediately wanted to buy a CD. They didn't have any. They just have these videos. This is one of them. If you haven't heard these guys yet, watch everything of theirs. You're welcome.

Today Fraser reviewed The Night of the Rabbit, Hamza showed us a punny new shirt, Dale fibbed a bit on how far along Final Fantasy XIII Versus is, Tony showed us a video detailing all the differences between the US and Japanese versions of Super Mario Bros 3, and a bunch of other things happened.

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Review: The Night of the Rabbit

The Last of Us will have single-player download content
Just kidding? Xbox One WILL support indies?
'New stuff' coming to Fuse, but not DLC
Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise
Here's the list of Nintendo's E3 demo Best Buy locations
PS4 dev says that Sony mandates Vita Remote Play
Wargaming expands with new Tokyo office
Square Enix progress on upcoming Final Fantasy games
Blizzard's Titan MMO pushed back until 2016
The original Shadow Warrior is free on Steam forever
Green Mario accessory box up on Club Nintendo
Driver studio working on new racing game called The Crew
Here's your Rise Of The Triad reboot specs
Dota 2's new reporting system has quelled many buttheads
Flower coming to Vita, IndieCade E3 lineup revealed

Witness the cosplay of Animazement 2013
Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Damsel in Distress part 2
Rhymedown Spectacular: Xbox One

Super Mario Bros. 3 had major regional differences
Everyone can appreciate this Crusader Kings II trailer
Behold Armikrog, the spiritual sequel to The Neverhood
Check out Tokyo's Biohazard Cafe & Grill
Final Fantasy Tactics S trailer shows the battle system
Sega and BBC Earth team up for Orbi attraction
Sonic has a new control system in Sonic Lost World
999 on iOS lacks any actual gameplay
Ubisoft's E3 plans include South Park: The Stick of Truth
A Hat in Time turns to Kickstarter for funding
Hardware: Shipbreakers in action
This Young Justice: Legacy trailer serves no purpose

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