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The Daily Hotness: Oh, were you going to use that?

11:59 PM on 04.12.2013
The Daily Hotness: Oh, were you going to use that? photo

You can't keep up with gaming news without hearing something, more often than not, that can make you scream bloody murder. Never to be left behind, Square Enix has really outdone itself though, by selling Tomb Raider's Japanese voice track, to Japanese customers, as $30 DLC. Wow, just wow. At that point, you might as well just sell the whole thing for $30 bucks more and avoid the nickel and diming rep.

Today, Jim makes a case for the violence in Bioshock Infinite, the Dark Souls team admits the PC port was half-assed, and promises to make amends with Dark Souls II. Nintendo announces they will be shutting down the Wii's online services in June (when did it start, amirte?), and the Injustice: Gods Among Us hype train keeps rolling with a launch trailer.

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Dark Souls sold more than two million copies
Dark Souls PC was 'half-assed,' admits director Tanimura
Halo 4 downloadable content discounted today
Nintendo shutting down Wii online services in June
New Shin Megami Tensei IV battle system gameplay videos
More fixes for Resident Evil 6 in latest patch
Crytek says graphics are 60% of a game experience
Twisted Pixel four-pack hits XBLA today for 800 MSP
Japanese language pack for Tomb Raider costs another $30
Slant Six Games laying off staff temporarily
Weekend PC deals: Interplay, Dishonored, Scribblenauts
State of Decay hits Xbox Live Arcade in June

This Duck Hunt pinball machine is a beauty
Zelda is the hero in 'Clockwork Empire'
Watch a computer learn to play Super Mario Bros.

Makers of Oniken channel classic Castlevania with Odallus
A grim trailer for Armored Core: Verdict Day
Ridge Racer Driftopia is a free-to-play racer for PC, PS3
Get your Hello Kitty on in Naruto Ninja Storm 3's DLC
Here's a peek at Zeno Clash II's main theme
New Dragon's Crown video highlights the Sorceress
Injustice: Gods Among Us launch trailer melts some faces
Hatsune Miku in Monster Hunter Frontier G is super weird
A Soul Sacrifice demo is coming next week
MOBA Prime World enters closed beta
Green Lantern crashes jets on foes in Infinite Crisis
Storm, Capsized, and Vessel are coming to more platforms

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