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The Daily Hotness: Indie Man returns!

11:59 PM on 04.13.2012

Liam Fisher


Mega64's Indie Man has made his triumphant return, setting out yet again to thwart AAA publishers in an attempt to stand up for the little guy. I like to think this is how things really happen.

Jim reviewed the apparently miserable Spirit Camera for 3DS, Valve is still (allegedly) working on hardware, Inafune said a thing... again, and more happened on 4/13.

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Community blogs of 4/13

Review: Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir 
Review: World Gone Sour
Review: FIFA Street

Phantasy Star Online 2's Free to Play currencies revealed
Inafune praises Fish's 'honest' Japanese game comments
Valve recruitment ad points to hardware plans 
A new Icewind Dale may be a thing at some point
Sleeping Dogs will be ready for an August release
Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly visited Valve today

HAWP: Ash and her sticky fingers
Even more real-world products promoted by NES icons
Christopher Walken, master of the 'Let's Play'

Resistance: Burning Skies trailer showcases multiplayer
Here's an utterly ridiculous Lollipop Chainsaw trailer
Catching up with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
This Ni no Kuni trailer eases the pain of a long wait

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