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The Daily Hotness: Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

11:59 PM on 04.02.2013 // Steven Hansen

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Now that all that April Fools' Day hullabaloo is over and done with, there was a lot of legitimate stuff going down today. Most of it less fun, granted. Back to reality. The reality in which I'm still reeling from GDC illness and can't even numb myself with baseball because I don't have cable. Oh, man. I made myself sad. I suddenly appreciate April Fools' Day a bit more than I did yesterday.

Today, we asked The Question, Fraser Brown delivered a rad interview with Planescape: Torment designer and Fallout: New Vegas writer Chris Avellone, Chris Carter talked BattleBlock Theatre with The Behemoth, Hamza brought us a great look at Super Time Force, Jim reviewed The Organ Trail: Director's Cut, and more!

Destructoid Original:

A history of BattleBlock Theater, from start to finish
Game Debate to the Death! Favorite Tomb Raider game?
What do you think of HD remakes of games?
Rock Band had a ridiculously profound effect on my life
Super Time Force makes you a Mega Man Time Lord
Live show: InFlux
Chris Avellone on Torment and being a human stretch goal
Get retro with the new Destructoid shirt and hoodie!
Far Cry: Blood Dragon, The Last Of Us & The Ouya

Community blogs of 4/2
Forum thread of the day: Killer is Dead

Review: The Organ Trail: Director's Cut
Review: Ms. Splosion Man (iOS)

GDC 2013 hit a record 23,000 attendees, 2014 dated
Chris Hecker says so much without uttering a word
XCOM reboot director and original creator hug it out
Smaller is better: Hands-on with the 7-inch Wikipad

Xbox 360, PS3, 'barely more powerful than mobile phones'
Zeno Clash II hits Steam April 30
Sacred Citadel dated April 16 for PlayStation Network
Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack is out today
The War Z taken offline following security breach
Path of Exile to be supported for '5 to 10 years'
Stealth Bastard needs a new name for PS3 and PS Vita
DayZ console port more likely than you might think
Dust and Mark of the Ninja headline XBLA sale
The Walking Dead's Clementine almost removed from game
Behold OUYA's launch lineup of 104 titles
Visit the Killing Floor in this week's Humble Bundle
New game helps improve navigational skills for the blind
BioShock Infinite goes cardboard in The Siege of Columbia
Free Nissan Leaf content paves way for greener SimCity
Download this: Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack now on Bandcamp
BattleBlock Theater has unlocks for loyal Behemoth fans
Gas Powered Games is now working on a free-to-play MMO

Fountainhead, a loving chiptune tribute to NES audio
Jimquisition: Bullshit In Sheep's Clothing
New mod adds Doom weapons and characters to Half-Life 2
Mega64 beats the sh*t out of one another
Fan group Zelda Reorchestrated is closing down
What if BioShock was a Disney musical?

YES! Shin Megami Tensei IV confirmed for North America
Shovel Knight's Kickstarter is doing very well
Grand Theft Auto V's boxart has been revealed
For real: Telltale Games' Poker Night 2 announced
Sony's Puppeteer hits on September 10, priced at $39.99
The cosplayers of Wondercon 2013
New Toukiden trailer brings the demons
Buddy & Me looks like an endless runner with Totoro
Enjoy all of BioShock Infinite in this 3.5-hour movie
First video glimpse of Torment: Tides of Numenara

Steven Hansen, Features Editor
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Status updates from C-bloggers

OrochiLeona avatarOrochiLeona
OK you Streetfighting motherfuckers, Heres the scoop on which PS3 sticks/pads will work with the PS4 version of SFV, courtesy of the inventors of said tech, the marvellous people of Lab Zero
Solar Pony Django avatarSolar Pony Django
Waits for payment to go through so he can stream Bayonetta on Wii U this weekend. Any day now... Any day.
Alessa Leng avatarAlessa Leng
Been watching from the shadows for some time now. Time to Join in! Trying to finish Bravely Default in time to play Bravely Second... What are the games you're excited about for 2016?(even if it's just something u dream of...)
KnickKnackMyWack avatarKnickKnackMyWack
Been watching this show on hulu I feel like it would make for a kickass Platinum Game. Imagine playing through mostly as the supporting cast and beating the game on hard gives you Saitama for God Mode.
Mike Martin avatarMike Martin
Just saw Torchman's waifu... damn brah. Talk about shit...
Sir Shenanigans avatarSir Shenanigans
Inquisitive Ravenclaw avatarInquisitive Ravenclaw
In only 5 days, the most romantic Holiday of the year will be upon us...
Larxinostic avatarLarxinostic
So, the notion kept hounding me that the new Pokemon, Magiana, had existed long before its recent unveiling... Then it hit me. [img][/img]
Torchman avatarTorchman
Oh look, a picture of all your waifus in the place where they belong!
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Pixie The Fairy avatarPixie The Fairy
Impressions of job so far: I can indeed play Monster Hunter 4 since I'm a passenger. It's three hours to Charleston, SC, so arguments against that are irrelevant. The chicken bowl at Bojangles is also nice.
LinkSlayer64 avatarLinkSlayer64
*insert ojuo-sama laughter here* [img][/img]
Torchman avatarTorchman
Found a picture of Gaj and Larx's waifus. Clearly meant for each other.
MeeGhoulz avatarMeeGhoulz
SOTANAHT's post makes me wonder:what game franchise(not necessarily nintendo) you would strive to complete the whole cast of "amiibos"?Mine would be RE,ashamed as I am to throw money at CAPCOM...
Occams avatarOccams
I'm craving new sounds. Anyone have any suggestions of music I need to put into my head and heart?
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
Donald J Trump avatarDonald J Trump
When I said "I'd bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding," I meant that I would force anyone under interrogation to play Big Rigs for extended periods. That'll be sure to break them.
Sotanaht avatarSotanaht
Dammit Fangamer, are you TRYING to break me?!
Nathan D avatarNathan D
When I think of gajknight.
SpaghettiOReilly avatarSpaghettiOReilly
I'm actually pretty bummed out about Game Trailers closing up shop. I hadn't visited in years but I still remember the good old days of having to wait for low-res versions of AVGN episodes to load. You'll be missed, all.
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