*The Daily Hotness: Baddest man alive
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The Daily Hotness: Baddest man alive

11:59 PM on 10.22.2012·  2 minute read   ·  Brett Zeidler@BrettZeidler

Check out everything Destructoid did today

This has been my jam all day. Lines like, "I'll grab a crocodile by its tail" keep me coming back. Also, that groove, man. Holy willies.

Speaking of grooves, Jim talked to Deadly Premonition developer Swery65, Ubisoft picked a studio for the Assassin's Creed film, The Walking Dead is getting a freaking sweet Collector's Edition, and much more happened on 10/22/2012.

Destructoid Original:
Deadly Premonition: the cult of split-personality 
Five new designs have arrived in the Destructoid store! 
Live show: Hot pants, hot wings, and hopefully $10,000 
The DTOID Show: Bioshock, Borderlands on iOS & Mew-Genics 

Community blogs of 10/22
Forum thread of the day: Borderlands 2 (page 53)

Contest: Draw some fan art and win Hotline Miami! 

Review: Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes 
Review: Dynaflo Liquid-Armor 

PAX Australia to be held in Melbourne next year 


PS3 update 4.30 out tomorrow, kills Life with PlayStation 
Grand Theft Auto controversy orchestrated by PR guru 
Ubisoft picks New Regency for Assassin's Creed film 
Joe Mad leaves Vigil Games 
Telltale announces The Walking Dead Collector's Edition 
Earn items with BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution 
NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition entertainment system 
Why there's no Mario cameo in Wreck-it Ralph 
Steam Workshop's one-year anniversary has arrived! 
Super Crate Box is free on iOS today 
Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King starts today 

This Zelda fan film is sad but amazing 
Jimquisition: Booth Babes 
Pat the NES Punk & brentalfloss channel their inner Queen 
Nintendo superfan Triforce plans to buy the first Wii U 
Redcoats die in this sweet AC3 short by Corridor Digital 

Bravely Default Flying Fairy OST looks amazing 
New Sony teasers: The Arrival, The Aftermath 
Nitronic Rush follow-up looks for funding via Kickstarter 
Jazzpunk is a new Spyberpunk comedy for your videograph 
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows trailer is pretty messed up 
Make your iPhone happy with DoDonPachi Maximum 
God of War: Ascension trailer harnesses the power of Zeus 


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